tea with a friend

come visit soon

we will drink green tea

from translucent china

no need to talk much


we’ll show photos

of our children’s children

you’ll take mine across

to your wedding day

demob suit husband

for his approval


I’ll smile at yours


‘two cubes or one?’

‘one, I’m sweet enough’

‘yes, you are’


‘let’s sit in the garden

get the last of the sun’


‘why weren’t we lovers?’

‘we set that aside for days like this’


© coolhermit 2023
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2 years ago

Hello Rick
I just read you last four poems
I really liked the last one it’s a real gem .. loved it
I liked all of them although I didn’t quite ‘get’ Flesh is Grass
Regarding Whitby: excellent ….. Been there, done that (almost to the letter) they had a good old fashioned tea room there about ten years ago, I wonder if it’s still there

2 years ago
Reply to  coolhermit

Hi Rik One last time it seems I can comment, I hope you find this one. Just wanted to say I alway enjoyed reading your poems both in subject and style. You along with my musical friends, Steve and Tony seemed to me to be the most ‘normal’ and decent people using this site. It’s a shame to see the way this site was torn apart by some, however I saw this happen once before on a site call Great Writing. The thing that went at this site is almost a carbon copy of how GW went down hill and… Read more »

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