At this juncture of unprecedented uncertainties we need bold positive mindset, spend quantifiable time for self. Self-care & satisfaction at every nook our ‘new normal’ life, which is nowhere selfish act. Muse on..

I’m in competition with myself, and have no Desire
To be greater than anyone anymore.
I’m simply trying to be easier and better
What I was days before.
With love and anonymity nurture
A skirmish battling with own fervor.
A stick to bow down to humanity,
To pour down my soul in true sanctity.
The unset mind said, ‘happily in this big curve
I’m none yet loves everyone’.
In unburdened heart endure comfort in uncomforts,
Even if relations disengage you as undone.
What to sacrifice and how as whole while nothing rolls over
With you to make a goal; Triumph to indulge over?
Love to listen myself, not to avoid own sense
’cause solemn soul satiates more the silence.
At this juncture Triumph and Disaster are great imposters
As anxiety over satiety, sweet tastes salted, pins on bolsters.
(Fragmentary psychological poem on ‘Self care isn’t selfish act’; v1.1 Paul B)

© Bapi 2023
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