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Birds Sing Unheard Songs (15-11-04) READ
New Things At Every Turn (15-11-04) READ
Why Am I Here? (12-11-04) READ
Upon MY Throne (12-11-04) READ
Do Not To Others Do Unless (12-11-04) READ
The Curse Is Gone - Look At Babe Ruth Smile (01-11-04) READ
No God (19-03-04) READ
Thanks Mom (12-03-04) READ
Whisky, Whisky (16-02-04) READ
Love (16-02-04) READ
The Porthole Door (06-02-04) READ
Corporal Murphy's Laid To Rest (02-02-04) READ
Life's House Of Words (30-01-04) READ
Computer Mouse (30-01-04) READ
Computer Screen (30-01-04) READ
To Write Or Not To Write (23-01-04) READ
Johnny's Not At School Today (16-01-04) READ
My Lost Dog (12-01-04) READ
To Stop And Smell A Rose (12-01-04) READ
Upon The Earth-Some things to Come (09-01-04) READ
Leftovers (09-01-04) READ
How I Love You (02-01-04) READ
May Your New Year Be... (02-01-04) READ
Your Diary & Your Billyray (02-01-04) READ
I Wish For You Sweet Wisdom (28-12-03) READ
I Think That We Should Talk (26-12-03) READ
A Christmas Light Bulb Relit (26-12-03) READ
A Soldier's Christmas Wish-From Iraq (26-12-03) READ
Was There A Tavern Along The Way? (26-12-03) READ
Above A Stable (19-12-03) READ
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