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In An English Country Garden. + Sound. (16-09-05) READ
phthalo blue. + sound. (12-09-05) READ
A Very Greek Wedding. (and a bit more) (09-09-05) READ
The Knight's Desire--- (19-08-05) READ
The Rentman. (12-08-05) READ
Twenty Two. (29-07-05) READ
The Man---Onward Journey, (18-07-05) READ
Fireflies. (17-06-05) READ
The Common Sense Party Report. 2020. (13-05-05) READ
Memories of wartime England. (06-05-05) READ
Of God and the Universe. (02-05-05) READ
Are we similar to Saudi? (29-04-05) READ
Abject Terror. (25-04-05) READ
Early morning-- (22-04-05) READ
Evolved by chance? (18-04-05) READ
Stress and Beauty. (08-04-05) READ
The Indian Rope Trick. conclusion. (04-04-05) READ
The Indian Rope Trick. (01-04-05) READ
Tracy's Letter. (25-03-05) READ
This gay thing. 'Culled from the church mag'--Honest. (04-03-05) READ
Remembering Sadie (A True Story) (21-02-05) READ
Ariadne. (So pure and very pleasing) (28-01-05) READ
My advice to you! And a bit more… (24-01-05) READ
Penance. An Analogy. (21-01-05) READ
A Good Day For A Hunt... conclusion. (17-01-05) READ
A Good Day For A Hunt... Part Two. (14-01-05) READ
A Good Day For A Hunt... (10-01-05) READ
''Dissecting The Human Brain'' Mine. (03-01-05) READ
No Blandish for Miss Orchids. (31-12-04) READ
My Pappy was always right. (10-12-04) READ
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