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Originally published on September 24, 2012 in Poetry    

April 1945 Germany--newly liberated medical research concentration camp, a satellite camp of Buchenwald.

"What is going to happen to me?"

That sunny spring day
touring the camp
General George Patton strode
forward, as always, forward,
towards the door
of the lab where
Nazi doctors
tortured to death
children in bizarre experiments--
Poles, Russians, Serbs,
Jews, children of German political prisoners.
He reached the door
put his hand on the doorknob
but stood frozen.

He had seen mangled little bodies
dead from war,
smelled their death stench before
but this was different.
Suddenly he was rushing down
a waterfall of disgust
splashing into a nausea whirlpool.
The question he knew
the children asked became his,
the savage fact that no one had to train the doctors
to do unspeakable acts it was already inside them
like it was already inside the Japanese
like it was already inside almost everyone.
Long ago he fought down with fanatical tenacity
his fear of death in combat as he fought down
his learning disability as a boy
but his sickness at facing this uniquely
concentrated cruelty
he could not overcome.
So many times reading history
he emphatically
believed he had lived many ancient soldiers lives
so strong his empathy
but now he was the child led to this torture chamber
and he could not open the door.

"Send in the son-of-a-bitching krauts from the town to clean it up,"
he said to his aide after he turned and walked away.
"Make that bastard-Burgomaster and his wife go in first," he added.
Patton ordered so it was done.
The Burgomaster and his wife committed suicide soon after.

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UKArchive ID: 28256
Archived comments for Georgie Couldn't Go Through the Door
Weefatfella on 24-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
A terrible time.
My old Aunty Maggie used to say about then.
' The devil walked the Earth and didnae care whit uniform he chose tae wear'
.Lest we forget. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Reply:
Like the quote. Your Aunty Maggie was right. Million civilians killed by the Allies the last year of the war.


stormwolf on 24-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
VERY harrowing exposure of what man is capable of.....and it's not in the past but very much in the present. In fact, it's just waiting the chance as we speak.
Some things are so disgusting, it makes me wish I did not live on this earth and what people do to children and animals in the way of cruelty, is one of them.

A brave poem.

Alison x

Author's Reply:
Thanks Alison. I've worked with child protective services here and i am not really surprised at any atrocity. Am thankful for the majority who still keep it together.


amman on 24-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
Nice to see you posting again Ralph. You have portrayed the horror, brutality and sheer depravity of the deep, dark side of human nature so graphically. Suffer the little children...

Author's Reply:
Thanks Tony. Working full time does me in, me being the head of the household have to do it and i'm thankful for the work. Appreciate your keen comments.


Andrea on 24-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
This is a historical period which is of great interest to me - WW11 - and I have done quite a bit of research into it. May I say your poem captures the revulsion and horror of that particular time extremely well.

Great to see you posting again, and I hope things are working out well for you and sprog 🙂

Author's Reply:
Thanks Andrea. me and the kid are doing great. i feel like a kid out of college again with this new job on the Indian reservation. Don't have much time for writing though...


Texasgreg on 25-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
Aye, my friend! Remember well reading of this. Can you believe that there are still sons-of-bitches that say the holocaust was a propaganda machine? We still teeter in my opinion. Welcome home!

Greg 🙂

Author's Reply:
Thanks Greg. You gotta love a story with Patton in it. WE do teeter and by We i mean the whole frigging world.


cooky on 25-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
Excellent write documenting the moment which many a soldier faced.

Author's Reply:
So true. We are losing that generation so fast. I always felt they gave us stability. Now all the wise men are baby boomers? God help us.


niece on 26-09-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
Horrible facts!!!Fantastic poem!!!Pity that hatred can reach such levels and worse still the fact that there are people like that even now...


Author's Reply:
Thanks for the thoughtful comment, niece. To me this was worse than ethnic hatred; it was a perverse bureaucratic denial that being human even meant anything. The children became things.

all the best


dancing-queen on 03-10-2012
Georgie Couldnt Go Through the Door
I felt quite emotional reading that! Such horrific things happen during war. To know that some humans are capable of behaving with such depravity, such sickening, evil actions, makes me want to throw up.

A very thought-provoking read - thanks!

Author's Reply:
Thanks for the great comment. I just found it.