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Originally published on April 5, 2013 in Poetry    

(With apologies to C.P. Cavafy)

     Why are we so transfixed, day and night, in front of the TV?

     There have been deaths in a far-away place. Scientists are reporting a Bird Flu pandemic, with 60% mortality, will soon sweep across the entire globe.

     Why isn't the U.S. government or the U.N. or E.U. or any other government responding to the crisis? Why are they all silent?

     What's the Point? When that Bird Flu virus rages through the countryside it will govern. The virus will decide who to oppress and who gets preferences, decide who will prosper and who will be impoverished, who lives and who dies. Everyone knows the politicians have been out of fresh ideas to deal with our severe, chronic problems for many years anyway; how could anyone think they can handle this?

     Why did Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio and Bono deplane from their private jets to each give a self-gratifying speech eulogizing the billions of human beings about die and how hard it is at this somber time to have the responsibilities of a world leader?

     Because people waiting to die horrific, drowning-in-your-own-fluid flu deaths like to hear their tributes, their "Candle in the Wind" sung by big-shots before they're bulldozed into a mass grave, not after.

     But what is this latest news? The scientists posted out in the Asian jungles are now saying the Bird Flu did not mutate. The deaths were from an endemic disease that turned out to be unrelated to the Bird Flu.

     Instead of celebration or at least relief there is widespread consternation and confusion, even anger and unrest. Across the world masses of people spill out into the public squares shouting into the air.

     That virus was a kind of solution...

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UKArchive ID: 30071
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orangedream on 05-04-2013
Waiting for the Bird Flu
Much food for thought here, and I bet there are so many things we do not know.


Author's Reply:
How true Tina. Thanks for the comment.


ValDohren on 05-04-2013
Waiting for the Bird Flu
I suppose such scaremongering helps tp keep our minds off other issues like the economic crisis !! Wonder. What's next.


Author's Reply:
Yes it does Val. Who knows what's coming next to distract us.


Andrea on 05-04-2013
Waiting for the Bird Flu
Brilliant Ralph - you are a man after my own heart. Storm will love this 🙂

Here's a song for you...

Author's Reply:
Ha-ha-ha. Hard to believe i once actually liked this song. Of course that's when it was about MM and not every celeb who bit the dust a little young. Thanks for the comment Andrea.


stormwolf on 06-04-2013
Waiting for the Bird Flu
OMG SO many levels here Ralph! For one thing, the powers that be NEED fear, they feed off it, it's life blood to them...but also,
it's part of their manifesto to release bio-weapons. The word on the street is airborne Ebola or Mouse Pox but they have been working on the mutations of different kinds of flu for a while now.

Nightmare stuff? You bet my fat backside.

Trouble is that even when whistle-blowers come right out and admit it....nobody believes them. Bono et al are bound for hell, sooner rather than later if I had any say.

Alison x

Author's Reply:
Yes, conspiracy theories are all over the place these days. THe elites would like to cull us and make themselves trillionaires but i just don't think they're up to it. (Although the anthrax attacks were never really solved, prime suspect who worked for the government lab committed suicide, they said.) I think the only thing the elites are good at is demoralizing people which may be enough to whittle us down in due time. Thanks for the fun comment Alison. I could talk about this subject matter for extended periods of time.

P.S. i'll be looking up mouse pox