UKArchive ID: 32450Nikita at the Canyon by ChairmanWow
Originally published on March 10, 2014 in Poetry    

1959 Arizona

"Mr. Khrushchev, what do you think of the Grand Canyon?"
Dome-headed,                                                                                         rotund Russian
spread                                                                                                    his arms towards
the colossal                                                                                         pink and mauve abyss,
sable ravens                                                                                         soaring overhead,
white clouds like wisps of smoke                                                        above them in the azure sky,
he shouted in Russian                                                                 to the American Politicians
and reporters: "It                                                                         reminds me of sex,"
gave a boyish smile                                                                 and slowly embraced the scenery,
taking in the entire vista then said:                                      "Everything reminds me of sex!"

© ChairmanWow (chairmanwow on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 32450
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Bozzz on 10-03-2014
Nikita at the Canyon
A crack in the cold war perhaps? The first time I have seen the object of desire depicted so clearly in poetic form. Bravo Ralph - saucy bugger. You shall sit alongside Emin in the ground-breaking annals - she with the bed, you with the content. ....David

Author's Reply:
Hard to say, maybe. Appreciate the comparison.


pdemitchell on 10-03-2014
Nikita at the Canyon
Секс это хорошо. Секс есть Бог. Секс это все за края стакан водки. Sex is good. Sex is God. Sex is everything beyond the rim of a vodka glass. Excellent, Comrade Ralph! Mitch

Author's Reply:
Thanks Comrade Mitch.

Bozzz on 10-03-2014
Nikita at the Canyon
Forgot to mention that Barry Goldwater asked me the same question. I asked him if there were any cracks in his desert.
Yours, David

Author's Reply:

Ionicus on 11-03-2014
Nikita at the Canyon
A clever layout, Ralph, with the chasm between words representing the Grand Canyon. Comrade Nikita must have been used to wide spaces to be reminded of sex by that gap.
A good piece.

Best, Luigi

Author's Reply:
Thanks Luigi. You could be right about Nikita's inspiration.

jdm4454 on 11-03-2014
Nikita at the Canyon
Do you think that may have been the bridge between Mr Khrushchev, and Mr Kennedy? Everything reminded them of sex. I enjoyed this piece very much...I liked jumping across the canyon to read the words and the humor drenched reality - ha! jim

Author's Reply:
Powerful men have powerful appetites... Actually Nixon was V.P. at the time and was escorting Mr. K around; Kennedy wouldn't have heard the comment. Happy you enjoyed the layout of the poem. Thanks for the great comment, Jim.