UKArchive ID: 24581Warhawk by Fitbin
Originally published on March 5, 2010 in Poetry

Please sample this little piece and see what you think.

Locked in a cage of perpetual motion,
drinking poison for fun because it tastes so sweet.
Crying over spilt milk and wine and whisky,
losing your temper with a sleeping baby.

Working ever harder and getting less done,
I run on the wheel until my feet bleed.
The pain reminds me that I am still dead,
forced to see the world but play no part.

Acting as if nothing has no meaning,
you cut me where you know hurts most.
Unable to live in this pointless mire,
but lacking the courage to silently escape.

Drank and drained by a thousand parasites,
consumed and enfeebled and cursed to rot.
Leave me here and go on without me,
I will only slow you down and ruin you.

Injected and infected and wholly diseased,
I squeeze your throat and crush your sinking chest.
Resetting your body like an organic machine,
going to war with a smile and a dream.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 24581
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sunken on 06-03-2010
Sounds to me as if you've been shopping at Asda again, Mr. Fitbin? I really can't recommend Tesco of the dot com on the grassy knoll highly enough. Their delivery service is second to none. You have a think about it, fella. Ahem. A dark and brooding piece, a bit like a misunderstood cockerel named James who just wants to have a lie in of a morning. Ya know, I think this is one of more cohesive comments. Ahem.


this comment was brought to you by Oxy Vanish - hello?

Author's Reply:
Ah yes, thanks for the comment.
It's awfully decent of you to take the time.

Beth on 06-03-2010
Sounds like you are under a lot of stress. I got the impression that getting it all out of your system by writing about it should help but this was difficult to read in places because the emotions were so negative. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this though - Regards Beth

Author's Reply:
Hi, thanks for responding.
This poem isn't really about me or what I am going through, but rather an exploration of themes.
But I do like to provoke a strong response. It is easier to do this through negative means.


RedKite on 07-03-2010
Definately an interesting read, you had my attention with it Daniel

Author's Reply:
Thanks, I do want to arouse anything but apathy.

mageorge on 07-03-2010
Yep, i have to agree with beth here, although Mr. sunken does have a point also..

Author's Reply:
I appreciate your response.
It is a relatively dark piece.
Life is pretty hectic sometimes so I like to pause and heave up a frozen moment or two.