UKArchive ID: 24713Blighted Bane by Fitbin
Originally published on April 9, 2010 in Poetry

A journey venturing deep beyond nothingness.

With these eyes I see a thousand miles of burning sand billowing ahead,
the madness within me stirs and clouds my thinking.
Laughing out loud I chant 'die' at the insects who swarm around me,
staring at their blank faces I stiffen my mask as a shield from their gaze.

Feeling them all watch me as one unrelenting mass of judgement,
I poke out their many eyes and become a poisoned King of the nameless.
Crying without tears, I lament the loss of the parts of me that were able to care,
blessed with the curse of feeling nothing now, but potent apathy.

Moving to a new prison, I uncover a fresh grave to bury my head in,
I then remember that nothing can offer any soothing comfort from the torment.
Fake feelings, swimming alone, in an empty sham of a false life,
the trinity that was cut out of my heart still bleeds in the quiet moments.

Searching, yearning, begging, pleading and praying,
for some outside agent that I know doesn't exist, to come and save me.
I fell asleep and never woke up, got high and never came down,
committed suicide but didn't die, gave up but was never allowed to stop.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 24713
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pdemitchell on 20-04-2010
Blighted Bane
G'day sir fit of bin. Delightfully surreal and reminds me of the film Papillon and that last stanza was to die for - I can see our hero staggering across the burning sands, hands outsretched for the triple cornetto of salvation even now.... Mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
hi there,
I was composing this one at work, I think the metaphor is my long journey towards the delight of hometime and the cooling ice-cream treat.