UKArchive ID: 24896The Ironclad Dreadnaught by Fitbin
Originally published on May 21, 2010 in Poetry

Walking through town without a care in the world. Potent proof of psychic phenomena.

Oh melancholy sorrow, you broke my heart.
Left in shattered pieces on the dirty floor.
The nuclear unit split, by a hollow holocaust.

The cruel vivisection continued apace,
as the important parts of me were cut out.
Anaesthetised to the abuse, I smiled and nodded.

Picking my skin until it bled naked fire.
I wept a flowing torrent of nothingness.
Hating you, because I couldn't escape you.

Your mocking sneer still pervades my mind.
Lurking and tainting every silent moment.
You must be culled, to finally set me free.

The Epilogue.
I saw you and ran, then saw you again.
A coward's courage framed, forever in pain.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 24896
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pdemitchell on 21-05-2010
The Ironclad Dreadnaught
I loved it! Delightfully surreal and exploring alliteration and imagery juxtaposition such as 'hollow holocaust' and 'torrents of nothingness'. I like someone pushing boundaries, me! Cheers! mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
hey thanks, love is the highest praise.
I lost my inspiration for a while,
but I might have found it again now.

sunken on 23-05-2010
The Ironclad Dreadnaught
Hello Mr. Fitbin. You wanna be careful about walking around towns without a care in the world. I did it once for a bet and ended up losing all of my Kajagoogoo related memorabilia. Surreal indeed. I knew a lad once who was into Lamar from said band. He grew up to be an accountant. I moral for us all there I believe. When I've worked out what said moral is I shall post it on Ceefax (pg 136). When I've worked out what this comment is about I'll let you know via leaving various pebbles in unusual places. I trust this comment has helped? Fitbin? Hello? I did enjoy your piece by the way. It put me in mind of a parental guidance sticker. This can only be a good thang. And now, my good fellow, if you don't mind, I have an eyebrow alignment procedure to undergo. Thank you.


'cause he's too shy too shy, hush hush, eye to eye... la la la laaa la la.... ect

Author's Reply:
Hello Sun Ken,
I thank you for your glorious comment, I did check Ceefax for the details.
You won't be surprised to hear about more turmoil in my very private life.
But the keel has evened somewhat, allowing me to proceed once again with my creative output.