UKArchive ID: 25014Fatal Cerebral Insemination by Fitbin
Originally published on June 21, 2010 in Poetry

This is an abstract piece of obfuscation.

A red-shift dream of anti-matter heroes killed the heuron talisman.
Leading a meta-physical dance around the aetheric quarks.
Travelling at tachyon speed to expose Einstein's lies obscuring Tesla's truths.
Fear of zero-point mechanics caused the celestial hangover.
With perpetual motion achieving impossible perfection.

Teutonic hatred sleeping through life in a labyrinth of pain.
Not knowing what is real or illusion or if there is a difference?
Breaking the boundaries of self-imposed limitation.
Dialing L to reward the machine with tainted luck.
The embryonic stars dying from a dearth of love.

The universe was tricked into ceasing to exist by an unknown number.
As porpoises turned to evil and consumed the innocent.
The left-hand path loomed, casting it's dark shadow over destiny's children.
Plenty of freaks swimming in dry oceans of red mercury.
Asmodeus grinned as Baphomet was beheaded for sending yet another false prophet.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 25014
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pdemitchell on 21-06-2010
Fatal Cerebral Insemination
Hi Sir Fit of Bin - this is Hey Jude the very, very obscure. Thank Newton I have several degrees so I could enjoy the science and classical juxtapositions - a worthy obfusticated fare that would grace the null-timetables of any event horizon.... Mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
Thanks Mitch,
I am pleased the references weren't lost.
I was inspired by Stephen Hawking.

Beth on 21-06-2010
Fatal Cerebral Insemination
I really liked the line:
"The embryonic stars dying from a dearth of love. "
This poem took me in so many different directions but it is entertaining and made me stop and think. Very abstract but interesting to read - regards Beth

Author's Reply:
Thanks for commenting,
I'm so glad it had an effect on you and a positive one at that.
I had fun writing this one, it basically wrote itself.

sunken on 22-06-2010
Fatal Cerebral Insemination
Loving your stuff of late, Mr. Fitbin. I often press 'C' for comfort. It's good to see you getting more comments. Especially ones that, unlike my own, have a tendency to make sense. Well done, fella. The beagle named Bernard, he say 'Woof!'


Author's Reply:
Many thanks as always,
I often find it hard to comment myself, so yours are very much appreciated.
They do have a certain meaning, it just needs to be deciphered first.
I think?
Much like my pieces that you are commenting on.
Thanks also to Bernard for his tireless support.

stormwolf on 22-06-2010
Fatal Cerebral Insemination
Hi Fitbin
You lost me with so many big words ;-(
I can tell that it is very much 'you' and deeply felt too. I think it will take a few readings for me to grasp it but you are able to express abstract concepts well.
Alison x

Author's Reply:
Many thanks for your comment.
I chose lots of words I rather liked and then added connecting phrases
and through a wormhole in the fabric of spacetime, the poem appeared.