UKArchive ID: 25136Ex-girlfriends Suck by Fitbin
Originally published on July 26, 2010 in Poetry

Join me on a meandering trip. With mushrooms and cacti for company.

Beg steal or silently borrow,
another small hatful of sorrow.
Mercifully slaughtered and then ignored,
it should be impossible to be bored.

Another glorious night on the town,
I should be happy, but am wearing a frown.
Disturbing my thoughts and invading my dreams,
unpicking my fraying mind at the seams.

Overcoming impossible odds every day,
I survive to fight and live just to play.
Insurmountable obstacles litter my path,
maybe you should fear my inhuman wrath?

So I find myself conflicted inside again,
for even the mirror considers me vain.
The music is the only thing that changes,
life racing on through a crowd of strangers.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 25136
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pdemitchell on 26-07-2010
Ex-girlfriends Suck
Yup - meandering but mellifluous, moseying but morose - are we talking psylocybin and mescalito here? For even the mirror considers me vain - cracking line. Mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
Hi Mitch, thanks for the read.
I think you picked up the wavelength,
it's been a while since I got psychedelic

Munster on 27-07-2010
Ex-girlfriends Suck
Count me well and truly in, I have meandered down that very path.
enjoyed the read.

Author's Reply:
Hi, glad you liked it.
It's all part of the cathartic process I feel

sunken on 27-07-2010
Ex-girlfriends Suck
Hello Mr. Fitbin. Liking this muchly. I'm a sucker for the rhyme. I don't know if it's en vogue these days, but who cares? Me, personally, I kinda like being unfashionable. A tip top piece, in my sunken opinion. The beagle kinda liked it too. Well done fella.


Author's Reply:
Yo Sunken,
The rhyme is good for me because it enforces a certain structure.
Thanks for the support.
I'm off out tonight for a meal at the Baltic and luckily I'm not paying