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Originally published on July 30, 2010 in Poetry

This is like a cross atop a pyramid. A symbolic meaning perhaps

The lucid dreamer abruptly awoke,
vivid reality spilling into wakefulness.
He had wanted it to never end,
safe in his artificial world of wonders.

But nothing lasts forever,
especially not peace.
Thrown back into the sharpness of being,
his senses shredded by the seething tumult.

The somnambulist's unending nightmare,
walking with eyes closed through life's splendour.
Shedding a tear for the fallen angels,
drowning in their complicit guilt.

Aching for her presence once more,
she responds in kind and indulges every whim.
Letting him go blind in her embrace,
he defiles and corrupts the naked beauty.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 25147
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pdemitchell on 30-07-2010
Edgar Allan Poetry
Sombre and reflective and slightly jarring stuff. Is the last line meant to be her beauty? Enjoyable ninetheless. Mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
Hi Mitch,
her beauty would make sense, but I was trying to avoid repitition.
It would change the meaning somewhat.
Glad you enjoyed it.

sunken on 31-07-2010
Edgar Allan Poetry
Hello Mr. Fitbin. Ya know, the fan in my laptop suddenly speeded up when I loaded this page? I blame the heat generated by the gratification of said indulgences. Nce work, fella.


post chaotic hair disorder

Author's Reply:
Yo, that sounds like a case of psychic gremlins.
Don't feed your laptop after midnight, and don't pour any water into it.
But thanks for your comment dude.