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Originally published on November 29, 2010 in Poetry

4 months since my last submission. Where did my inner muse go to? Please sample this piece of folly

Climbing Jacob's ladder, my eyes are burned out by the frozen sun,
repeating the same day again, I get lost in floundering time.
Never living in the present, always dreaming of the next hit,
how much is enough to satiate the yearning for experience?

I can now appreciate the multitude of things I used to hate,
your poison stills runs in my veins, tainting my new thoughts.
The mocking sneer lurking like the fresh reek of putrefaction,
cheated on and leeched from by an emotional parasite.

I can't wait for the day when you are all alone like me,
your pathetic, futile life of nothingness sickens my soul.
Under your deceptive spell I lost my tormented youth,
given freely in a basket of lies, shrouded by whispers of death.

'I attract happiness' is the mantra to repeat on the bridge of smoke,
walking on ice into the unknowable abyss that forgives.
I failed as a new man just as you failed as an old woman,
willing murky perception into reality becomes easier than living.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 25682
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Corin on 29-11-2010
This has the sound of reality rather than idle folly.

Writing it out is a good thing to do. You seem to have succeeded in writing perception into reality. Now you have posted it, it is on its way out, I hope.


Author's Reply:
Hi there, thanks for your comment.
This was a fun little ditty to write, just getting some old thoughts off my chest,
to create room for some new ones.

pdemitchell on 29-11-2010
Welcome back sir fit of bin. The muse seems to have been the cyncial older woman a Rod Stewart Maggie of our times. Four unrhyming quatrains with a minor query about an abyss that forgets? Otherwise some good metaphorollicking about with the old bridge of smoke and the basket of lies. A good return to the muse! Mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
Mucho thanks for your response.
I have not really had time to stop and think recently,
but I just managed to pause for breath and squeeze this piece out.
I'm glad you found it agreeable.
On a separate note, it's cold out there!

teifii on 01-12-2010
Certainly not my idea of a fun ditty. Presumably I didn't understand it.

Author's Reply:
thanks for giving it a go.
The meaning is open to interpretation,
hopefully there is something there to understand on some level.

ifyouplease on 01-12-2010
too dark but good

Author's Reply:
thanks for your comment,
there has to be some dark for there to be any light.
But yes too much is not a good thing.

Andrea on 02-12-2010
Fun little ditty? Gawd, I dread to think what your dark stuff is like.

I liked it a lot though. As Blake said 'The cistern fills, the fountain overflows' (with ref to the 'yearning for experience').

Author's Reply:
hi there,
glad you liked it.
Blake knows his stuff alright

sunken on 12-12-2010
Good to see you back, Fitbin. Always did enjoy your dark edge... Have you considered fluorescent markings? I'm not be pernickety, but you're an health and safety hazard in the making. Nice work, fella.


blank expression courtesy of bic

Author's Reply:
hello there Sunken,
thank you for reading.
I do always try to wear steel toe-caps and safety goggles, if that helps.