UKArchive ID: 26438Invisible Gesture by Fitbin
Originally published on June 27, 2011 in Poetry

This is a poem I have written, please read it and give me any response or ideas. Thanks

The occult is esoteric and feminine
Walking tall, as a daemon ignites his blind date
A stone-cold stunner of epic proportions.

Writing a Eutopia into existence
The feline-esque Heroin slept all day, in torment
Falling into a prison of the mind.

Beyond life, past all limits of perception
Proteins break down, deep into Satan's lair
The Gods cannot explain why they are here.

One more princess gets her greatest wish granted
With help from the cosmos, magic becomes reality
And beauty and love are purged in naked fire.

Fear becomes a beckoning anthem for the elite
The old world order takes over again
As the black sun rises, each light goes dark.

Drinking in every golden truth and every white lie
Your poisoned crown of thorns, bleeds you dry
Delivering a baby that never grows up.

Only one tree left in the world
But a thousand eternal wars
Fought in futile perpetuity.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26438
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sunken on 28-06-2011
Invisible Gesture
Hello Mr. Fitbin. Long time no see. Surprised you haven't had more comment on this. How typical that, when ya do, it's from a sunk. I'm afraid I'm still shit at it. Good to see you're still writing tho. As dark and as brooding as ever. It's hard to believe you're not a manic depressive (-; Nice work fella - Nice is the wrong word, but ya know wot I mean.


colour me in shades of never mind

Author's Reply:
Hi Sunken,
thanks for visiting,
well I enjoyed this one at least.
I am actually quite a jolly guy in real life 🙂