UKArchive ID: 26781Carthaginian Peace by Fitbin
Originally published on October 7, 2011 in Poetry    

This piece is new and comes highly recommended, if no-one reads it, I will wilt and perish, like a lonely onion.

The future rolled up into a ball,
divinity and elegance, neutered and muted,
always looking away, afraid to perceive reality.

Dying slowly, as eternity reverses in audible pain,
the cold wind blows through a flame-punk's nightmare,
waking with a silent thud, too alive to notice.

An impersonal, aloof journey into vagary,
speeding beyond physical space and time,
the minds-eye distracted by white noise and junk DNA.

A double helix; those twin serpents of enlightenment,
but the shamanic dream is broken and abused by lies,
torment and fear now taste sweet, like a merciful poison.

Who is left to blame in the darkening end?
If it’s not you, then it must be me,
guilty of both condemning life and forgiving oblivion.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26781
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sunken on 08-10-2011
Carthaginian Peace
Here's hoping you don't wilt and perish, Mr. Fitbin. A strong a piece as you have ever written, in my sunky opinion. My opinion is trading down at the moment I'm afraid. I blame quantative pleasing. Top stuff all the same.


best before bedtime

Author's Reply:
hi there Sunken,
the value of your opinion can go up as well as down.
I've taken out a payment protection plan, so hopefully I'll do ok.
Mucho thanks for reading and responding.

admin on 08-10-2011
Carthaginian Peace
Hello Fit, nice to see you back πŸ™‚

I found an ancient onion under my cooker the other day. It wasn't so much wilted and perished, as withered and mouldy. Not nice at all. Unlike your pome, which I enjoyed very much

Author's Reply:
it was good to post a piece that I was happy with, I think my output may consist of always trying to rewrite the same expressions.
Glad you enjoyed it - the pome not the onion

niece on 17-10-2011
Carthaginian Peace
Good one, fitbin...liked it a lot...


Author's Reply:
hi there,
thanks for the comment, glad you did like it.
I do need a bit of encouragement now and again.