UKArchive ID: 27285Zenith by Fitbin
Originally published on March 5, 2012 in Poetry

My name is fitbin, it has been 5 months since my last submission. Please dip your toe in my metaphoric pie, to aid the healing process.

Woken by the ghost of a forgotten dream,
I stare into the empty eyes of the past.
As eternity weeps in futile reticence,
black magick creeps into the corners of my soul.

Seeking for the unveiling of Isis,
I die infinite deaths, in pursuit of sweet truth.
Fed on by unseen leeches and psychic vampires,
they drink the old poison gladly, in ignorant defiance.

Bitter betrayal dominates every darkened horizon,
whilst freedom submits to destiny’s cruel path.
Cloud nine slowly disappears into the haze,
until Paradise loses faith in it’s own existence.

Conjuring new daemons with a careless gesture,
I am bitten by a thousand rotten fangs.
Tears well up, behind the mask composed of lies,
looking into the smiling Sun, the future gestates it’s impotent doom.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27285
Archived comments for Zenith
Andrea on 05-03-2012
Hello, Fit - lovely to see you back!

Well...dark and deep stuff indeed! Nicely done, enjoyed in a morbid sort of way 🙂

Author's Reply:
many thanks,
I like to brood on the morose every now and then.
Glad you got something out of it

sunken on 08-03-2012
Hello Mr. Fitbin. Good to see that you are still writing. It reminded me of my time in the ambulance service. I was employed to make the der der noises. Sadly electronics have long since taken my place. I occasionally get work with litter companies doing the beep, beep, beep reversal noises. But ,to be frank, being tied to the back of a smelly refuge truck isn't quite as prestigious. We all have our crosses to bear. Though I suspect vampires would disagree. Nice work, fella.


best before a court of law

Author's Reply:
hi Sunken, I may be warping time and space.
One moment I am here and the next I am there.
Here is now, but when is there?
Anyway, thanks as ever for your kind words.
I hope this finds you well and full of both vim and vigour.