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Originally published on July 9, 2012 in Poetry

This is a thing that I have written, I consider it a good thing.

The grass is always greener,
the meat is always leaner,
the blades are always keener,
the streets are always meaner.

The lies are sometimes truer,
the trier is ne'er a doer,
the slaves are walking free,
the blind have learnt to see.

The stories can't be told,
the young are getting old,
the dead are waking up,
the condemned spill the cup.

The nightmares doom the dreamer,
the fool kills the inbetweener,
the silence subdues the screamer,
the end is getting nearer.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27860
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Texasgreg on 09-07-2012
Higgs Boson
Aye! Was a good thing. Tried to read between the lines and came up blank, LOL.


Greg 🙂


Author's Reply:
hi Greg, thanks for reading, glad you found it worth a look.

Andrea on 09-07-2012
Higgs Boson
Sounds a bit Dylan-ish to me. Think you may be right (last line).

Enjoyed (best if read out loud).

Author's Reply:
hi there, yeah you're right it works better read aloud.
thanks for the comment.

ChairmanWow on 09-07-2012
Higgs Boson
Definitely a good thing. A poetic summary of where we stand.


Author's Reply:
hello, many thanks for reading and leaving the comment.

Ani on 12-07-2012
Higgs Boson
Well done, it fits with our current times.

Author's Reply:
I am quite pleased with it, but the rhyming is a bit awkward in a few places.