UKArchive ID: 30419The Minstrel's Lament by Fitbin
Originally published on May 17, 2013 in Poetry

This is a delicious slice of lyrical pie, dripping with metaphoric cream and steaming allegory. Please give me some feedback, as I get so lonely.

A flagrantly, fragrant vagrant.
Vaguely and varicosely strayed.
Far and wide, o'er dale and tide.
Until he stopped and sadly died.

His broken-hearted journey’s end.
All alone, without shadow or friend.
Silent superstition had drove him on.
To find his soporific soul’s only son.

A spirit lost in a never-ending song.
Orphaned for weeping far too long.
Dancing to the beat of an evil drum.
Cursed and coerced, forever numb.

Walking secret paths into the cold sun.
Fighting a battle that could not be won.
Entranced by a lie that did promise all.
The old hammer burns as it waits to fall.

And so the end came, yet the story still lives.
Whispered by a blinded ghost who forgives.
To a man that lives forever in dark magick.
Visions of beauty before him, torturously tragic.

© Fitbin (fitbin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 30419
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orangedream on 17-05-2013
The Minstrels Lament
Enjoyed, and savoured, every bite, fb;-) Nice one.


Author's Reply:
Many thanks, glad you liked it.

Savvi on 20-05-2013
The Minstrels Lament
I enjoyed the pie, its was a bit of a mouthful but tasted delicious. Thanks S

Author's Reply:
Hi there, thanks for your comment, I agree it does need some editing especially at the end, cheers