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Originally published on October 10, 2005 in Non-Fiction

A slice from my life in the sixties and early seventies. Another shortie.( Thought about this after two large whisky & soda)

Girl Friends, then.

By C R Krishnan

I have this one principle. If you ever break up with a girl, you never sought her friend, as your next one. In the same vein you never sought the ex girlfriend of your male friend. To me that’s taboo.

So I told my ex girl friend’s friend Elena that I can’t go out with her.

‘Why not?’ she asks.

‘Elena, I can’t do it, you are Maria’s friend.’

‘But she is no longer here, she is in Milano and never coming back’.

I explained to her that it was just not on, and that was that.

A few days later I saw her with a beautiful girl and she, Elena made it a point to avoid me and never introduced the new girl to me. She had introduced Maria to me!

A couple of months passed by. I saw this girl holding hands and walking with a friend of mine who was from Bangladesh and studying here to become an accountant. (Not working in a restaurant!). I am talking about the sixties, a very long time ago. Elena had introduced her to him before she went back to Italy.

All these girls were au pairs working for rich families and at the same time learning English. They were given about £5 a week (In today's money, £20, not a lot)) and usually Thursdays off. All the bachelors like me flocked inside the dance halls in Leicester Sq, London, especially on Thursdays to meet (in today’s language ‘pull’) these girls who were easy target.

A friend of mine who had a German girlfriend explained to me that whenever he bought her a nice meal instead of a hamburger or fish and chips he got a special kiss, and the embraces, tighter!

I had a few girl friends from such encounters. Most went home after their three months stay and new girls took their places. There were no commitments; it was all a relationship of convenience.

The Bangladeshi friend eventually got married to this beautiful Italian girl, took her home. A few months later there was a political upheaval ( they called it a massive upsurge) in that country and many
‘Educated intelligent’ people and their families got murdered in their hundreds.

I later learned that my friend and his wife were among them.

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Apolloneia on 10-10-2005
Hmm. You did it again. You surprised me with a very deep meaning in a seemingly simple story. Elena was unintentionally the person responsible in a weird way for this girl's death. That's how things work inside my head. Sometimes the consequences of what we choose to do or who choose to be are vaster than we could ever imagine. Hope my comment makes sense to you. Cheers! Nicx.

Author's Reply:

Well you have surprised me now. I will tell you why. How many times have I thought about what could have been, if Elena had introduced her to me or some one else and then she would have most probably gone back to Italy, married some Italian guy and lived happily ever after with children and grandchildren etc.,. Elena had met my friend from Bangladesh in my flat when I was having a small party! This is so spooky you just stepped inside my mind and had a ride, and then got off!



niece on 11-10-2005
Dear Chrisk,
This piece which is written in your typical matter-of-fact style was sad, yet interesting!

Author's Reply:

chrisk on 11-10-2005
Thank u.
Unwittingly we influence some one else's fate. Well, its happening all the time, my dear, all the time!

Author's Reply:

soman on 11-10-2005
Chrisk, another typical piece of your nostalgic memories! Life has more misses than hits, isnt it? In this partdicular case I think you were lucky you Missed, as otherwise you might have been HIT like the Bangladesh chap!


Author's Reply:

chrisk on 12-10-2005
I suppose one can never tell.
All I can tell you is that right now I am happy with my lot!
I said 'right now'- things may change! Lol

Author's Reply:

ish on 23-10-2005
Sometimes life seems to me to behave like an algebra question -- if y = x and b = c squared what would happen if b and x where the same. We all make choices and sometimes they have far reaching consequences.

P.S. I was never much good at algebra anyway

Author's Reply: