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Originally published on November 26, 2004 in Fiction

Well, recent events in our street inspired me to write this story.



The husband died last week. It was expected for he was a heavy drinker and a chain smoker. It was just a question of when it was going to happen, as he was forever walking about with a balloon tummy and wheezy breath.

So the prayers of the wife and the lodger lover were eventually answered. The body remained in the hospital mortuary when the forty-year-old lover and the fifty-year-old widow were enjoying their newfound freedom.

They made love all night. The woman told the lover that the wedding ring must be removed from her dead husband’s finger and the lover should wear it, as soon as possible, like tomorrow!

             “But the body is in the mortuary, sweetheart. Couldn’t we remove it before the undertakers start embalming?”

The woman was indignant. “ No, I want it done tomorrow, or you ain’t

makin love to me no more”.

So the next day off he goes to the Hospital with the widow and they tried to wrench the ring off the dead man’s fingers but it wouldn’t come off. All the pulling and pushing did not help. The attendants left them alone for they knew it is going to be a long job. The widow had a great idea.

She turned to the lover. “ Darling, you got your knife with you?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Okay honey, cut the finger off. Its not gonna hurt him now, is it?”

“Its gonna be difficult cutting through the bone, I have only a Swiss army knife” the lover pleaded.

“There is one way to do it though,” the woman said.” You break it first by bending it backward like you break a frozen chicken leg so that when you use the knife it comes off fine.”

The lover boy reluctantly bent the finger backwards and it broke with a ‘clack’ sound. The cutting off was easy afterwards and hey presto, the ring came off and so did half a finger.

The dumb fellow then pocketed both items and left the mortuary with the widow clinging on to his arms.

The broken finger was thrown into the first litterbin they found and merrily they walked home holding each other tightly, kissing occasionally.

The ring fitted the lover perfectly, not on the wedding finger but the middle one. According to the Indians, that’s inviting bad luck. Only the Indian devil wears a ring on the middle finger.

That night also they made love to exhaustion and because of the wearing of the ring the woman felt that this act of love was somehow justified. However just before he went to sleep the man took the ring off his finger and placed it on the bedside table. He was not used to wearing a ring and the sharp edges was biting into the skin.

Its 2 am. Both occupants on the bed are snoring away.

            The thief came through the back door, which was carelessly left unlocked. The couple didn’t know that he had entered the bedroom. He was looking around shining a torch, which he was holding in his left hand while a big sharp knife occupied his right.

Suddenly the light rested on the shiny gold on the bed table. At the same time the lover woke up startled and as he was about grab the ring the thief’s knife came down hard severing his middle finger clean off. The thief left in a hurry picking up both the ring and the severed finger.

Somewhere in Brighton town that night there were two litter bins each containing severed fingers!

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UKArchive ID: 9632
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chrisk on 2004-11-27 05:29:57
Thank u for ur kind comment. Actually he lost two as the second one had to be surgically removed? losing two for one! Gods can be a bit cruel. Theres a rumour that the thief was the husban's brother.

Author's Reply:

chrisk on 2004-11-27 15:42:06
Sorry question mark unintentional.

Author's Reply:

shadow on 2004-11-28 07:47:59
Now that is gruesome! Good story.

Author's Reply:

chrisk on 2004-11-28 13:28:47
Thank u. Thank God I don't wear a weeding ring, as the edges of it cuts the surrounding skin so its safely stored away. (never place valuables on the bedside table!

Author's Reply:

chrisk on 2004-11-28 13:30:06
sorry not 'weeding but' wedding' lol.

Author's Reply:

soman on 2004-12-10 13:01:15
by Soman, December 10th 1800 GMT

Thanks for the warning. I shall take extra care!


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