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Originally published on April 3, 2006 in Poetry    

A poem

This time

This time, I have been lucky
the heart is not
completely shattered
one single break,
definite, clean
no lingering thoughts
of what should have,
could have,
might have been.

This time, no repairs are possible.
No half fed hope
of a different outcome
a happier ending
if we had taken longer
worked harder
knew more
wanted less
been stronger.

This time, there are no photographs
to remind us,
cause pain
on seeing some starry night,
blue sea, white sand
just the ruins
no you or me
happy and smiling
my hand in your hand.

This time, with experience,
love knew its limits.
Raveled up its own ends,
left nothing to chance,
gave only what was expected
no additions,
no unwanted gifts,
no memories
later rejected.

And yet, this time
with its predetermined end
its limits, boundaries
places not visited
mountains we did not climb.
This is the love
that I will remember
long after
this time.

© chrissytotoro (chrissy on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 15937
Archived comments for This time
bluepootle on 03-04-2006
This time
Really liked this, Chrissy, particularly verse four: 'love knew its limits'. Good poem.

Author's Reply:
Many thanks for reading and commenting. I genuinely appreciate it.

Apolloneia on 03-04-2006
This time
Excellent work chrissy! Very well written.

Author's Reply:
Nicoletta, many thanks for reading and commenting and for your generous rating. I really appreciate it.

Romany on 03-04-2006
This time
I agree, verse 4 is excellent. a mature poem, if you don't mind me saying so.

Author's Reply:
Romany, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm pleased you liked it.

red-dragon on 03-04-2006
This time
Chrissy - I do like this one. It flows very well with just the right delivery - not too flowery. Well done on the nom and the nib! Ann

Author's Reply:
Ann, many thanks for reading and commenting. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Kat on 03-04-2006
This time
Now, this is the first time I've used this expression, ever, for a piece of work (and I am fond of my superlatives!), but this is BREATHTAKING!

Have to pop it into my cocktail cabinet beside the really really really good stuff!

Kat x

Author's Reply:
Kat, how very kind and thanks so much for your super comments and for the favs. Is 'umbled.

Ionicus on 03-04-2006
This time
A really superb write Chrissy. I like the description of a relationship which starts with no expectations and thus ends with no recrimination but with an enduring memory despite its faults.
Well deserving of the 'nib' and nomination.
Luigi x

Author's Reply:
Luigi, many thanks for reading and commenting. I am very pleased that you enjoyed it.

Corin on 04-04-2006
This time
Oh dear - this sounds like a one night stand - uncomplicated sex with strictly limited objectives on both sides - a male fantasy. But I presume it is not. As an anti-love love poem it is very original. I hope the anti-hero and anti-heroine were unhappy never after and that they ran off into the sunrise before the shadows grew short and all the anti-mysticism faded into the light of common day to feast briefly on healthy anti-pasta!


Author's Reply:
I guess. I mean that is one, quite reasonable interpretation of the piece but I don't think, at the end, it is quite as 'anti-love' as it might first appear. Love, my concept of love, and I have 'been in love' many times in my life, can be any thing we want it to be.
This is genuinely not about a one night stand, male or female fantasy version, it is about love.
Many thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

Jen_Christabel on 04-04-2006
This time
Cracking piece :o)
Jennifer :o)

Author's Reply:
Jennifer, many thanks for reading and commenting and for your most generous rating. I'm genuinely pleased that you enjoyed it.

wfgray on 04-04-2006
This time
One of the best poems I have read. Its like a river that keeps flowing

Author's Reply:
wfgray, many thanks for reading and for your kind comments and for the generous rating. I am genuinely pleased that you liked the piece so much.

pinchus on 04-04-2006
This time
I find that everything has already been said so all I can add is; good work.

Author's Reply:
pinchus, many thanks for reading and for telling me that you felt it was good work.

teifii on 04-04-2006
This time
Well deserved nib and nom, Chrissy. It's beautiful.

Author's Reply:
Thanks muchly Daff. Very glad you enjoyed.

Gerry on 04-04-2006
This time
chrissy, I have a feeling that many relate to this poem 😉
Nice one...

Gerry xxx.

Author's Reply:
I get that feeling too Gerry.
Glad you liked the poem.

pencilcase on 04-04-2006
This time
A very expressive piece, chrissy. The opening stanza appeals to me in particular.

Best regards,


Author's Reply:
Many thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

littleditty on 06-04-2006
This time
excellent writing -enjoyed your poem -the rhyme works so well, to hang the fall of each verse -super poem! xxxlittleditty x

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading and commenting, littleditty and I'm glad the piece worked for you. The only really 'natural' rhyme was the last one the others were 'tooled' after the poem was written first draft.

Bradene on 06-04-2006
This time
What a beautifully structured poem Chrissy I loved it's sad finality, I loved the last stanza in particular a fav' for me Chrissy Love Val x

Author's Reply:
Val, many thanks for reading and commenting and rating and making it a fav. I'm genuinely pleased that you liked the poem.
Sometimes life is sad. Even the little bits of 'love' that drift into our lives and should make them happy, serve an opposite purpose.

Sunken on 06-04-2006
This time
I wish I knew my limits, maybe I wouldn't be sitting here with a tattoo of Kylie's arse on my chest if I did. I blame the following - Jack Daniels (he's a bad influence), first impressions and funny fags (by which I don't mean comedic homosexuals). Ya know, I'm sure your poem deserves far better than this tawdry comment Ms. Chrissy. I'll shut my horrible un-pc mouth and, instead, let the ratings button talk for me.


solo powered

Author's Reply:
My dear little apple cheeked shrunken. You know you shouldn't let that nasty Daniels boy lead you off the true path and you (seriously) should never apologize for your comments; they are sometimes the only thing about this site that really makes me laugh out loud. Where would we all be without you.
Many thanks for taking the time to read and comment and for the generous rating.