UKArchive ID: 18140Roses from the south by chrissytotoro
Originally published on December 25, 2006 in Poetry    

A poem... maybe.

Graciously, he released her
opening his hands
like someone releasing a bird
from a room where it should not be.

Often he wonders
if she remembers
pictures drawn in sand
washed clean by the blue sea.

Sometimes, when memory permits,
he sends her flowers
in the hope that she will dream,
sleeping with roses on her pillow.

© chrissytotoro (chrissy on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 18140
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flossieBee on 25-12-2006
Roses from the south
This is a beautiful and moving poem. I wonder if the characters are friends, family, lovers

Author's Reply:
FlossieBee, many thanks for dropping in to read and comment under the recent difficulties, I truly appreciate it.

jay12 on 27-12-2006
Roses from the south
This is a lovely poem. I like the image of the metaphorical releasing of a bird.


Author's Reply:
Jay, many thanks for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it.

Sunken on 28-12-2006
Roses from the south
How lovely to see you back Ms. Chrissy. Your poem put me in mind of a girl I know who makes me go all funny when I see her. Perhaps I have caught a bug. I hope this helps. Thanks.


shades of confusion

Author's Reply:
Thanks for reading, commenting and rating, sunken, most generous in all respects.
Love chrissy

teifii on 31-12-2006
Roses from the south
Absolutely beautiful Chrissy. Love the last line especially but the whole thing is just right.

Author's Reply:
daff, many thanks for reading and commenting. I'm very pleased you liked the poem.