UKArchive ID: 25304Two words of three letters by chrissytotoro
Originally published on September 6, 2010 in Poetry

A poem I foind. I think I wrote it

Sympathize with her, how could he/
Sympathize with him, why should she?
Look at me
sitting in the middle
like Solomon.
Weigh each word
cause him no offence
give her none
come forever time
free me
Understand me
how could they?

H as heaven and hell
him to her, nothing
her to him the same.
Two nothings
who, by their minus coming together
should send each other in to their own
or create
a life
a positive from two negatives

because the answer is perpetuation.
Of pain?
of hate?
of not feeling?

© chrissytotoro (chrissy on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 25304
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pdemitchell on 06-09-2010
Two words of three letters
Hi Chrissy - The joys of mediation when both partners revel in the conflict... a bit staccato in places but that reflected the tone of the subject matter well. I hope you did write it! H as heaven and hell/him to her, nothing/her to him the same - stands out. Yin and yin and more yin. Mitch 🙂

Author's Reply:
Hi Mitch
Many thanks for reading and commenting.
I think I must have written it years ago when I was a lot more angst-ridden than I am now.
The more I read it, the more it feels like mine.

Ionicus on 07-09-2010
Two words of three letters
And a good find it was too, chrissy. As for authorship, it certainly bears your mark.

Luigi x

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sunken on 09-09-2010
Two words of three letters
Hello Chrissy. I remember you asking on the forums if anyone thought this might be someone else's. Or was it someone else who posted on the forums asking if anyone knew if Chrissy had wrote this or not...? I'm so confused. I blame Charmin changing the name of their luxury absorbent kitchen towel to Chargrin. I think I have that right. They should choose a name and stick to it. I swear they're done this before. I know Jif did it when they became Cif. Ahem. Sorry. A gem of a find and no mistake.


inventor of the polar-neck jumper conversion kit

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barenib on 09-09-2010
Two words of three letters
Chrissy, this is a bit like being the opposite of a gooseberry, but just as awkward - I've done some mediating in my time and this captures it very well. John.

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teifii on 18-09-2010
Two words of three letters
Hi Chrissy. I reckon you wrote it, sounds like you and very good it is too. I just googled a few quotes from it and nothing but different assortments of the words came up. So it must be yours.

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