UKArchive ID: 28353Oh what a Lovely War by cooky
Originally published on October 8, 2012 in Poetry

The First World War. Everyone cheered as they went off to war. Perhaps the lesson learned from this is, we don't anymore.

The sins of granddad brought me to war
for England has dined on this before.
The arrogance of dad who brags my shoes
for in his eyes I am England blue

The teacher who bellows you do us proud
a vindictive sod who ruled my class
The preacher who seeks my confession
who drinks the blood of Christ in whiskey heaven?
But never mind for god is always right

The trough of greed will grunt with pride
the bombs will fall killing the dreams below.
These fat cats of war all feasting on me
Oh what a lovely war, everybody in work
More champagne for them
and the grapes of wrath for me?

The rain of mother’s tears
will wash my soul
The marbles of play are gone,
No chance for love to warm my nights.
Only frost and the company of rats
gnawing on the bed of my insanity

No youth will smile with me tonight,
no innocence can protect me here.
The voice of death whispers my darkest hour
for this heart will soon be cold
and you who sleep in beds tonight
will never know the truth

The forces of ambition have gathered to see,
this place where youth will die.
Charlie Chaplin give us one last laugh
for the guns are straining on their leashes.
The generals have given their salute
and murder is about to bleed on countries lips
for this is a glorious war.

And in motherland they shall sing my praise,
hero is what I am,
But I still have a voice for one more night
though your ears will be deaf to me

Liars you are to the last,
So dam the lot of you.
For pain and fear is all I know,
the bragging rights will spill your beer
for Life was never mine to enjoy.

The lamb and beast all share my fate
though they will die in peace.
For their bodies serve a natures law
While my carcass will rot in Flanders land

Out of sight of country
for another will take my place.
I am an inmate of war
my letters the only sign of freedom
and my photograph a reminder to those,
who should have protected me?
A youth of another’s man war.

Me who gave the invisible a lucrative life?
Who served an empty command
watched over by mother’s tears.

My absolution will forgive their sins.
You see I am a peaceful lad
all I possess are the marbles of childhood
and the mercy that god gave me.
I am every mother’s boy
And every mother is proud of me.

But in death I will not enter Heaven’s gate
For I will wait for them.
Wait for the hand that brought me here
for I need to know the reason why?
Was this Flanders field worth the sacrifice of me?

And as this multitude of youth
marches into the arms of angels pity,
will god be blind to their confession?

For we remember that Charlie Chaplin made us laugh
We remember our mother’s tears
But most of all we will remember the buggers
Who brought us here, to die in Flanders land?

© cooky (cooky on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 28353
Archived comments for Oh what a Lovely War
Mikeverdi on 08-10-2012
Oh what a Lovely War
A strong and powerful piece. Mike

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading.

Bozzz on 09-10-2012
Oh what a Lovely War
I find this poem profound and sharp and with excellent choice of words. Erratic rhythm - as in war! Much liked. David

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading. The poem is not one of my best but it is the template for a short story I am writing. That is why it is a little erratic and hopefully the short story will be better.