UKArchive ID: 29192Footsteps of the Tiger by cooky
Originally published on January 11, 2013 in Poetry

The connection between hunter and prey.

The tears of the tiger
trapped in this snare of man,
fades into an ancient kingdom
where silent footsteps once reigned.

To feel his breath upon your neck
is to know that death has come.
His lick will taste your soul
and jaws will steal your flesh.
His honour will take your sacrifice
and your fears will die with you.

But should his wits fail,
to my ambitions,
then he will know
that I am top predator.

Oh beautiful creature
whose grace was born to kill?
Your Hyde is but a bauble to me.
When I have forgotten this day
moths will feast on your memory,
these glass eyes that I give to you
will see this mausoleum
that I have created,
for death has always been my work.

Yet when I see the tears of noble beast
defeated by a cruel world,
one feels his tears run down my soul
and something is lost to me.

Your eyes that once stalked this life
celebrating discovery of prey,
hide tears of a changing world
your destiny is to talk in silence.

Though your roar now falls silent
you were always heard in my heart.
The message consumes this hunter with guilt
but no one will hear,
except the tiger and me.

Being human I wish to be a tiger
for in life he was a great king
and only time can make him a pauper.
His magnificence is his downfall
but in death he was always
a noble being.

I was the darkness
that tried to touch his light
But I am not worthy,
I am the pauper who destroyed a king.

And now the future
belongs to paupers
who will never see,
a World that was once filled,
with such noble things.
For all that remains,
are the shadows of me?

© cooky (cooky on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 29192
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Bozzz on 11-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
Powerful stuff, Cooky. The guilt you feel is transmitted to us all. How can I look at any stuffed animal again without crying for forgiveness....Bozz

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading my work

Texasgreg on 12-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
His honour will take your sacrifice
and your fears will die with you.

Aye, Steven!
I've always thought that being "top predator" came with the responsibility of using that ability for survival. You've done well again, my friend...

Greg 🙂

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading my work.

stormwolf on 12-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
Hi Cooky

This is a very powerful piece that would benefit from some pruning. The 'voice' in it was both hunter and almost taxidermist. The admiration for the prey, the hideous end coupled with the idiocy of man who feels they have proven something to kill such a beautiful beast while inwardly acknowleging they are inferior.

A few words repeated and also the whole crux of the poem stretched out and so diluted a bit for me.

I feel this would really benefit by intensive trimming. far from losing the thrust of what we are trying to so often distills it into the what I call 'Mother Tincture' and then become magnified. 😉

Alison x

Author's Reply:
i struggled with this one a bit. Still looking for something to inspire me.

orangedream on 13-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
Very powerful piece, Cooky. Certainly made me think.


Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading my work

stormwolf on 13-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
THIS was inspired Cooky!
You are a must not put yourself down.
I would have made it more concise but some may not agree. Your writing is rich.

Alison x

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ChairmanWow on 13-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
Enjoyed this poem very much. I live in an area that sometimes gets visits from mountain lions which does make walking your dog more of an adventure.


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Mikeverdi on 16-01-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
'When I have forgotten this day, moths will feast on your memory' some parts of this could make you scream for the plight of their world. Mike

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purplespirit on 10-02-2013
Footsteps of the Tiger
Great and powerful poem with strong imagery, deep thoughts and hard facts but leaving the hope we all need to go on without despair and resignation, for only if we understand and work on solutions, we and following generations may have a future. Excellent work, thank you. Purple

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