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Originally published on April 19, 2013 in Non-Fiction    

She died without pity or was it ignorance.

No poppies for madam
that privilege is reserved
for the common man.
Drape her coffin with Union jack
though there is no union for me.

Your guard of honour is expecting you,
made from the empty shell of boys
who left their dreams on Falkland hill.

This life that you once held
will be remembered .
The miner’s bones will see your corpse
for death came to them with broken heart,
their blood was washed away
and community was lost of hope
In the weeping’s of a crying pit.

The taste of rabbit stew
still stays upon my lips,
for I shared my bread with neighbours,
while boys in blue waved five pound notes
and beat their shields in rhyme,
for they were truly, Maggie’s whores.

This common man seeks redemption for you
but forgiveness is for God to give.
These pearly gates that your spirit seeks
among the hymns that praise this earth
are but remnants of the pit gates
and in their rust they are jammed shut to you.

The chosen few were Maggie’s men
their daggers have been cleaned of blood.
The wits will praise your passing,
A final toast to Caesar,
“she came, she saw, she conquered”
but in truth they know,
the evils of today still carry your mark.

Iron lady your soul will seek the light
But your light went out long ago
during the Devils reign.
Lost in the furnace of men
lost in the pride of England.

And now your service has ended
redundancy killed you too.
Your victories have gone into history
but Steel and coal
and the grafters of England
will never forgive you.

© cooky (cooky on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 30204
Archived comments for The Thatcher Years
Savvi on 19-04-2013
The Thatcher Years
A great piece and strong end line, spoken from the heart and you tell the story with graphic precision, it would seem the nation is split over the memory her death has invoked. S

Author's Reply:
The split in the nation is the power a Government can have over its people. I feel the economic squeeze of today will change a few minds me thinks.

Andrea on 20-04-2013
The Thatcher Years
Can't say I agree with all your sentiments, but it's a damn fine piece.

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading my work. It has stirred up feelings for a lot of people on both sides of the fence.

Miel on 20-04-2013
The Thatcher Years
Well written although I do not share your opinion.

Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading my work.

ValDohren on 20-04-2013
The Thatcher Years
We either loved her or hated her, and her death has stirred the hearts of poets one way or the other. Very well written piece Cooky.


Author's Reply:
Thank you for reading my work. I thought there would be a number of poems about her passing.

Hekkus on 20-04-2013
The Thatcher Years
I can appreciate that it's quite a well-written poem in itself. I have to say that while I wouldn't call myself a Tory, the sentiment in this piece leaves me a bit cold. I know Mrs Thatcher caused hardship to some, but the fact is that none of her union legislation was repealed by Blair. And if you want to talk about getting us into foreign wars, Labour did it TWICE, in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Yes, she became a kind of symbol for a lot of people to rail against. But when you think of the sleaze and cynicism of the New Labour Years, it seems a bit much to look at her as something uniquely evil in British politics.
But that doesn't detract from your aptitude with words.

Author's Reply:
Whenever this conflict is mentioned the issue of constant pay rises by the miners comes up.
All part of the governments excuse. There were no rich miners. Go to the Pit villages and you will see some of the poorest housing in England. Indeed nearly all of them had outside toilets.
Secondly when looking at pay rises the miners had disadvantages. A low wage cannot be brought up to date by using percentages as a pay scale. This brings disparity. Someone down south receiving a 10% rise on 20,000 gets 2000. A miner gets 10% on 7000 and he gets 700 which causes the struggle for parity to get even worse.
The biggest shame in all this is people forget the history of the miners. Without their struggle for fair working conditions and pay every one today would be working a 60 hour week including your children for a pittance. Read your history books.
Most miners went down the pit as there was no other work. This is one of the most dangerous jobs you can do. The dust and filth meant that a miner’s life span is lower due to industrial diseases and accidents.
Finally all the pits are gone and our steel industry too. We have a large workforce now on the dole costing far more to the tax payer in benefits. Millions of people not earning means they have no purchase power and that hits every business. There is no economic sense in that.
Her epitaph is that we who live today watch companies like Tata from India rules the steel supply and coal is shipped in from South Africa because they can still oppress their workforce for economic greed. Just look at the recent shooting of miners in South Africa.

Pronto on 21-04-2013
The Thatcher Years
Hi cooky,
My word mate you've stirred up a hornets nest here.
Firstly let me say I cannot agree with most of your sentiments here mate. As an ex-soldier I know we fought a just war in the Falkland’s against a regime where the ordinary citizen could be ‘disappeared’ because he protested against injustice.
As to the miners I thought at the time when a fiver represents a 20% wage rise then there is something fundamentally wrong with that wage! However the unions brought trouble upon themselves by wildcat strikes and bloody mindedness things had to change and some of the good inevitably got swept away with the bad. When rat ridden rubbish is left rotting uncollected and the dead unburied then the patience of the long-suffering public will finally snap.
Leave us not forget that Lady Thatcher was democratically elected three times, twice with a huge majority.

Evolutionary change is inevitable but doesn’t always happen at a pace we’re comfortable with but we must either get up to speed or join the dinosaurs

Anyway it was all a long time ago now and today’s ills can no longer be laid at her door. To the folk who languish moaning about their lot in life ‘because of her’ I suggest they stop whining and start shining. In the words of the song “But that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone.”
I can’t fault your poetic expression of your view though mate well written sir.

Author's Reply:
A hornets nest indeed. One point about her three terms. If voting went on the totals votes cast in the population instead of conveniantly split up seats, then Margaret Thatcher would never have been in power. As for Dinosaurs the squeeze on wages and the rising unemployment is coming to many people who thought that they were immune from such things. One wonders who will protect them.