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Originally published on February 5, 2016 in Fiction    

when it's time to call it a day.

The Moving Finger

Harry Buschman

The things I could tell you... if I had the time, that is!

Where you can find rhyme and reason in love. How deep hate can be and how both love and hate can live at peace within the same four walls. How we grow, even as we decline, and how short a span we are given, Is it any wonder things never get done? All that know-it-all horse shit from the elderly that we listened to with child-like wonder. Nothing turned out the way they said it would.

It's written on the walls. The spray can philosopher and the soap box orator are in full agreement. !THE END IS NEAR! But then the end comes – and goes and things are still the same.

There's the shadowy past behind us. It is written by the winners and subject to change. The waiter’s moving finger takes its orders from the diners at the table ... "medium, rare or well done, sir?" "Russian, thousand island or ranch, madam?" The past is not dead–we are the past.

I pick up the pen and put it down again. I was going to write something down, what was it? I've forgotten. It seemed important at the time, but the time has gone by and nothing is important to me any more. Perhaps I should cap the pen ere the ink runs dry. Someone may be along later with something important to say.

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UKArchive ID: 36183
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QBall on 05-02-2016
The Moving Finger
It may be just a short piece, but it hits home. Congratulations on, shall we say, a TIMELY story!
The only quibble is with !THE END IS NEAR! I have never seen this kind of punctuation used before. We live and learn and my life has hit the 86th year.
Les the QBall.

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Pronto on 06-02-2016
The Moving Finger
I enjoyed it. At first I thought it was a bit lethargic and pointless but, I reminded myself,I'm 74 next week with an almost finished thriller! Timely indeed. Thank you.

Author's Reply:

sirat on 06-02-2016
The Moving Finger
I'm usually a huge fan of your work Harry, as I'm sure you know, but this one seemed more of a little personal philosophical reflection than a story. Something more akin to a poem in fact. For me it was okay, but left me wanting more. I wished that you did have time to tell me those things you hinted at in the first line.

Author's Reply:

Harry on 06-02-2016
The Moving Finger
This was not meant to be a piece of literature. It is something old people, in their loneliness and debilitation fall back on as their bodies slip away from them. It is their only defense – we make no excuses for their excess and no explanation for their existence.

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