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Originally published on March 21, 2016 in Fiction    

I think maybe the fourth rejection was the hardest to bear.

The Fourth Rejection

Harry Buschman

It happened on a Friday, and most Fridays you’ll find me down at The Pit. I mean, y’gotta cut me some slack, okay? I work hard for a living at a furniture warehouse downtown, and besides, I had three stories rejected that week and The Pit’s a great place to forget about it, three’s enough for anybody, right?

And speaking about letting it all hang out, there was this broad there... but before I go into that, The Pit was featuring Ingmar Dervish that Friday night. Yes, that Ingmar Dervish and his “River Styx Six.” They used to be called “The Horde” until five of them got sent up for a drug bust, leaving the remaining six to carry on, and believe me, carryin’ on’s what they do best.

I was sitting there, at the bar – on my third as I recall. I was nursing it, knowing that one more and I’d be doing something I’d be ashamed of, when I saw this blond broad next to me staring into the mirror behind the bar.

That way she could see herself as well as the band – like she was a part of it. She had that Paris Hilton stoned look – like she was made out of brushed chrome. Feverish eyes. Depraved mouth.

She held her elbows close to her sides, her hands in the air and her fingers snapping all out of rhythm with the band.

She wore a long soft, sort of silver dress that was cut down front all the way to God knows where. What’s more, the sides were open, and you could see more of her than you really wanted to.

Heedless to what might happen, I gulped down the rest of my third vodka and lime and smiled at her as seductively as I knew how. “You come here often,” I asked?

It took a while for her to answer, as though she had to come back from a long time in another place. The corners of her painted mouth raised slightly and her eyes seemed to come into focus.

“Where is here,” she asked?

It was a question I’ve asked myself many times. “Here. I mean here at The Pit.”

Although she still held her elbows close to her sides, she stopped her finger snapping and held her palms upward, as though feeling for drops of rain.

“Wherever the Six goes, I go. Is that where I am? The Pit’s as good as any other.”

“You like ‘em then? The Six Styx I mean.”

“Oh, they’re boss. I mean listen up... cacophony man!... when Dervish turns it up I’d give it up to anybody.”

Well... that was more like it! It sure sounded like something I could use on a Friday night after a week of rejections.

“Can I buy you a drink, I asked?


"When I said anybody, I didn’t mean you, creep.”

Well, that was the fourth rejection and I don’t need a brick wall to fall on me... I know when I’m not wanted.

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pdemitchell on 22-03-2016
The Fourth Rejection
Nicely drawn, Harry. Been there as a teenager in the Top Rank where women prefered to dance with their handbags and not you. a friend suggested it was beacue it was where they kept their non-Doctors and rabbits. That really confused me for a few months until i got into heavy rock music and Newcastle Brown Ale. Paul

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Harry on 23-03-2016
The Fourth Rejection
Deepest sympathies old man, but we must take the bitter with the sweet.

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ifyouplease on 24-03-2016
The Fourth Rejection
absorbingly good - empathically simple.

Author's Reply:
Ah Wilderness.

ifyouplease on 24-03-2016
The Fourth Rejection
funny you should mention that, I'm currently reading Walden.

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