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Originally published on March 28, 2016 in Fiction

Well, it goes ... and anyway what would life be like otherwise?

So It Goes

Harry Buschman

Look at them. Isn’t it romantic? Here they sit. Barbie and Ken ... at the most exclusive restaurant in the Bahamas. It is their second honeymoon. Let me restate that––it is not ‘their’ second honeymoon, but the second honeymoon for each of them. They have both been married before. There! I hope I’ve got that straightened out.
Barbie’s first honeymoon was in Rome. She and her first husband stayed at the Estè estate up on the hill overlooking the city. It was very romantic––the first honeymoon usually is, (I’ve been told). Ken, on the other hand, chose to go to Rio de Janeiro on his first honeymoon. He had a good time too. He learned to scuba dive while he was there.
When this honeymoon is over Barbie and Ken will live in a house in Fairfield, Connecticut. Barbie’s first husband bought it but a kind judge awarded her possession as part of the divorce settlement. How fortunate for Ken! His 8-room penthouse in Manhattan’s Tudor City is now occupied by his previous wife and her two Dalmatians. As Kurt Vonnegut has often said ... “So it goes.”
But, to return to this, the third honeymoon of our story... Ken has just remarked to Barbie, “This honeymoon will be my last, darling.” Barbie assumes his statement is meant to imply that their marriage will last forever. In a flood of affection she reaches across the table and grasps his hand. The candle flame flickers and her contact lenses glisten with welled up tears.
“Mine too, Ken ...” Her response is throaty with pent-up emotion.
How could Barbie know that Ken had a chicken bone stuck in his throat? She had mistaken his words for a declaration of love, but instead, at the conclusion of his remark, Ken went into violent convulsions and were it not for the quick thinking pastry chef who rushed in from the kitchen, this would indeed have been Ken’s last honeymoon––but not necessarily Barbie’s.
His prophecy proved to be incorrect, in any case. The present honeymoon was not the final one for Ken––nor the final one for Barbie. As Kurt Vonnegut has so often said ,,, “So it goes.”
...and as it goes, it went.

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