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Originally published on June 27, 2016 in Fiction

The simple life, where did it go?

Time On Our Hands

Harry Buschman

Our patio out in back of the house overlooked a brook. It wasn’t much of a patio, just room enough for the couple of chairs we’d drag out from the kitchen. Come to think of it, the brook was not much to write home about either. In spring it would run a bit, just enough to wash the stones that lay on the bottom. Wasn’t deep enough to float a fish in. But it was our patio and our brook and Molly and me would sit out there and have our breakfast in the summertime.

We look back on those few years in the house that the kids grew up in as the best years of our lives. We were suburban people, self employed. We ran a hardware store for 60 years and I guess we’d a been there yet if we hadn’t been run outta business by Home Depot. After all, a nickel profit on a box of wire nails, or a dime on the rent of a snow blower adds up if y’don’t mind working’ yer butt to the bone and bein’ open on Sundays. Trouble is suburban people these days don’t do nothin’ or fix nothin’ no more.

Best of all, me and Molly were together, every day all day. Not many marriages can survive that. But ours did.

What broke our marriage up was when we was together with time on our hands… facin’ the prospect of another day with nothin’ to do. It got so we’d find ourselves barkin’ at each other sitting’ out there on our patio. That’s why I went and got me a part time job over at Home Depot and Molly’s workin’ at Burger King.

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UKArchive ID: 36670
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Pronto on 29-06-2016
Time On Our Hands
A grand tale of our times this. I learned the hard way, too. One should not retire 'from' something but 'too' something.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Pronto. I'm so glad I'm still able to say what I want to say in as few words as possible.

sweetwater on 29-06-2016
Time On Our Hands
I loved this view into another life. A well written story that drew me in and took me there for a while. Sue.

Author's Reply:

pdemitchell on 29-06-2016
Time On Our Hands
Ha, so true Harry. So many retired husbands and wives drive each other back out to work! Mitch

Author's Reply: