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Originally published on July 8, 2016 in Fiction

In darkness there is no light.

The Power of the Light

Harry Buschman

He was afraid of the light.

He was safe inside the cave – far enough back from the entrance so the light wouldn’t reach him. No one knew he was in here. But out there, out where the light was, he could see the dangers awaiting him… and the danger could see him too.

There were storms out there, with flashes of brilliant light followed by deafening crashes of thunder. There were birds of prey and fierce animals that fed on weaker animals – animals like him.

He wouldn’t stand a chance out there.

Yet… there was light out there – why was there light? There was no light here in the cave, and that troubled him greatly. Was it possible there were dangers here in the dark too, dangers he couldn’t see?

No, he was a reasoning man, he lived here… he lived here in the darkness all his life. Although he could see nothing he knew it was safe in the dark.

But living alone in the dark, was that all there was? What was the use of it?

He inched forward a bit, a little closer to the light. He extended his hand until the tips of his fingers were lit by the afternoon sun. A bit more and he saw his pale hand; how beautiful it was with the blue veins tracing their wayward path along the back of his wrist. How warm the sun was. What would it be like to warm his entire body in the sun?

It was very tempting. He withdrew his hand and immediately his hand grew cold, as cold as the damp, dark wall of his cave. He promised himself to do this every day – to make the dark a little more bearable. He was aware that he was being drawn into a very dangerous game. The light was treacherous, it could turn on him in an instant. Only yesterday he saw a man struck dead by a bolt of lightning from the sky, a man not much different from him. He shivered with horror just to think of it. What was the power that drew men from the safety of the cave just to gain a moment of sunshine.

If he knew that he would know everything.

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UKArchive ID: 36699
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Mikeverdi on 10-07-2016
The Power of the Light
If found this to be one of your more intriguing writes, lots to ponder on as to what's hiding within the words. Of course this may be just me Harry. Anyway I like it.

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