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Originally published on July 18, 2016 in Non-Fiction

Couldn't figure out if it was fiction or fact -- maybe it's both -- or neither.

Books of the Month

Harry Buschman

These are books.

Books used to be made of paper. Paper cardboard and glue. People read them, page by page. Publishers put the pages together, bound them along the edge and when they were all done they sold them. People carried them around, sat down on a park bench or in a chair at home until something else got their attention and then they’d put them down and forget all about them.

They’d pick the book up again later and read on from where they stopped reading before. They’d read all sorts of things, novels, sales reports, instruction manuals, cook books and bibles… just about anything anyone ever wrote. Good or bad.

It went on for years. Nobody could possibly keep all these books, brochures, catalogs and magazines they had acquired, so they built libraries to hold them all and hired librarians to alphabetize them and put them on shelves so people could find them and take them home to read, (if they promised to bring them back in two weeks.)

Reading convinced many people to think they could write too, and before long there were more writers than readers and the result was that libraries were swamped with books. Libraries finally refused to accept new deliveries of books and instead filled their shelves with, newspapers, CD’s, audio books for the blind and electric outlets for people with devices to download them and read them at home.

It was a hopeless solution at best, because people were so busy writing there was no time for reading. People no longer read. They wrote instead, hoping that somebody somewhere would come along and read what they had written.

But of course they didn’t, they were all writing.

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pdemitchell on 19-07-2016
Book of the Month
Sorry, Harry, I missed that - too busy writing - so this is sadly all too true. Mitch PS don't forget the publisher's 'slush piles' of discarded manuscripts. Mitch

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Mikeverdi on 19-07-2016
Book of the Month
Those people that are writing, there not always as good at it as you Harry😊

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Harry on 19-07-2016
Book of the Month
Then, along came the internet ... through which everything ever written and anything being written found its way into the hands of every living soul on the face of the earth. It was time to reconsider ....

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