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Originally published on July 8, 2013 in Poetry

Truth had been nude-modeling for me;

Truth had been nude-modeling for me;
I lied to her and told her Iā€™m an artist.
She likes to be seen as an art object;
She said philosophers want to possess her.
They ask her questions, they want to put her under tests.
Not the kind of tests that involve any undressing
And she wants to revert to being a female body,
Wants to get rid of all her universal values.

I was bringing her orange juice, trying to make her
Stay longer; finding themes that take forever to paint,
And when she told me once she loves tropical islands,
I was given a chance, I grabbed the opportunity and
Took her to such a place.

On our return she lost her energy. I had to be careful,
I needed a good plan.
So I planted two coconut trees in bare spots of my yard for her,
She keeps visiting me to check their growth,
Her eyes sparkle with excitement.
In ten years from now, a hammock, my rubbing her feet to relax,
A poodle and she will be unconditionally mine,
And I can be myself.

© ifyouplease (ifyouplease on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 30819
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Texasgreg on 08-07-2013
Aye! Truth is in the eye of the beholder just as in beauty.

Greg šŸ™‚

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Author's Reply:
Hi Greg, thanks for reading and commenting. how are things in Texas? your country has thunderstorms right? don't know about your state. more than 10 thousand lightnings somewhere.

Savvi on 08-07-2013
Its always good to plan ahead šŸ™‚ I enjoyed the quirky nature of this and the one sidedness is a little sad. Good work. S

Author's Reply:
thanks Savvi for reading commenting and generously rating


Texasgreg on 09-07-2013
We do get pretty strong storms from time-to-time. Odd, but I enjoy the crashing and night lighting up. I do hang up the golf clubs and stay in, though. šŸ˜‰

Greg šŸ™‚

Author's Reply:
well according to my subscriptions feed on youtube it's much worse than what you experience, totally weird weather and lots of chem-trails not only in your state and country but everywhere.

PS of course the subject of "chem-trails" is in the eye of the beholder...

stormwolf on 09-07-2013
Hi Nic šŸ˜‰
I love this. I love when we take a concept and humanise it. Like the best allegorical painting. The imagery sets the scene of my favs of yours.
Truth is very ellusive, so make sure you treat her well.
Alison xx

BTW agree totally re weather changes. just saying that to someone the other day. Have seen compilations of what is really happening all over the globe weather-wise these last 12 months..Yes and the chem-trails are everywhere and we have been told they forcast wet summers for the next ten years. When man imitates God, they sow the seeds of their own destruction.
take good care Nic xxx

Author's Reply:
you too Alison thanks for commenting and rating

Mikeverdi on 09-07-2013
There is a strangeness to this poem that I find intriguing, if not a little disturbing in places. Brilliantly concocted, although I think the lay out could be better.(just an opinion) Mike

Author's Reply:
this poem is rather old a repost actually here too, had a nib. never edited this one. i knew exactly what to write and how from the first word, one of those weird moments you are entirely focused on a specific idea and inspiration. thanks for reading and rating Mike


Pronto on 09-07-2013
a lovely gentle poem with a great flow. Just one point though it's difficlt to anything worthwhile in a hammock šŸ˜‰

Author's Reply:
thanks Pronto šŸ˜‰

Bozzz on 10-07-2013
This story has merit as a prose seduction sequence - elegant in thought and in part intriguing, but as Mike points out, it loses impact because of its form. Despite its problems, I liked it's quirky progress....Bozzz.

Author's Reply:
i don't always write poetry, i prefer the term prosetry. i don't want this to become "poem" i want it as it is, prosetry. thanks for commenting, i understand what you say and you're quite right. but it's prosetry and there's no such genre here or anywhere. so far. heh šŸ˜‰

Ionicus on 11-07-2013
I have always been an admirer of your unique artistic style, Nic,
and it is a pleasure to re-read this composition of yours, skilfully crafted.

Luigi x

Author's Reply:
a big thank you Luigi, you are a gentleman and a prolific, good poet. i think we have known each other as members of ukauthors and abctales since 2002. 11 years!

Nic x