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Originally published on August 9, 2013 in Poetry    


When going on vacation in summer
was only for the richer families,
Mother took advantage of the large veranda.

'Now this will be our sea,
put on your swimsuits
and sunscreen
and we will have fun together.'

All it took was a hot day,
a hose, and her 'Watch that wave, it's huge.'
or her 'There might be sharks out there!'
and we, like baby seals,
belly-gliding on slabs of wet marble,
slid into the habit of seeing
other things.

© ifyouplease (ifyouplease on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 31024
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Mikeverdi on 09-08-2013
Looped childhood
I really like this, it tells a story that I understand; I'm not sure its poetry and I think that you could leave out the words 'her'...but that's just me; I still love it! Mike

Author's Reply:
i don't think it's prose and i certainly think it looks like a poem, for more than eight years i've been editing this one and it's still work in progress. stanzas will change probably. thanks for your kind remarks, Mike.

stormwolf on 10-08-2013
Looped childhood
Hi Nic

This one made me feel warm in the heart area. It was full of love for your mother and poignant in its looking back at lost days. I really loved it.

Alison xx

Author's Reply:
Thanks Alison. I may post one more, it is called the Silver Flash and completes the trilogy Looped Childhood, this Monday.
Nic xx

ValDohren on 11-08-2013
Looped childhood
This is lovely - how childhood should be so well expressed.

Author's Reply:
thanks Val 🙂

Weefatfella on 11-08-2013
Looped childhood
 photo 915e0b75-fce7-4fc2-9921-556099197c13_zps1f6b3c50.jpg
We used to get two weeks messages ( Shopping) close the blinds and pretend to the neighbours we were away. Weefatfella.

Author's Reply:
hehe thanks!

Andrea on 11-08-2013
Looped childhood
Ah yes. How easy it is to 'see other things' when being told to, eh?

Author's Reply:
hmm, I don't know Andrea. I only know that back then it worked at least once.

Bozzz on 11-08-2013
Looped childhood
A great scene, in my book not 'poetry' but delightful heart-warming 'prosetry'. ...thanks for sharing...Bozzz

Author's Reply:
prosetry - poetry, it depends on what kind of poetry you like - it has something which is special enough to get a nib, comments and three nines so I'm happy. thanks!

Rosco on 12-08-2013
Looped childhood
Beautiful to see this veranda poem or a variation of it again.
The imagination is an extraordinary topic. Always has been.

Author's Reply:
you remember this one? that's amazing. thanks for remembering and commenting. seven comments! wow.