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Originally published on February 17, 2014 in Poetry


Time's spiral wraps, trapping almost everything, in incomprehensible diagrams moving up and down, to and fro, in prefixed parameters to wire and hold countless universes within countless worlds, some of which may be parallel, others just unorthodox. Lapsing diameters center and focus inimically, like a cyclopean eye, on Human Existence. Light peers into gravity as summer peers into autumn, and human conscience faces the dullness of a crossword puzzle: Life's secret runs horizontally like a mouse depending on the vertical clue of a dead cat. But even in Time's quantum stomach where all the consumed cosmic particles blend with the elements and their proportions, there is always an End dodging Perpetuation, momentarily coughing up new beginnings, or possibilities if you prefer to call them as such.

the swan swims nearer
to see the perfect ripples
a sole pebble caused

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Slovitt on 17-02-2014
interesting to read and follow the lines of your prose, and then the haiku is pure, is essential.

Author's Reply:
thanks Swep


pdemitchell on 17-02-2014
I agree - a nice quantum of prose squatting upon a delightful and concise japanese form.

Author's Reply:
thanks pdemitchell i am glad you all like the haiku


stormwolf on 17-02-2014
Hi Nic
I am not familiar with this kind of poetry but having read about it, I can see it's not easy to do.
The whole thing is riven with mystery and worlds within worlds, which I believe is the true nature of reality.
The prose part just incredible in its complexity but highlighting the quantum nature that lies beyond human sight.
The haiku a perfect accompaniment in its zen-like quality.
To me it came over as perfect balance 😉

Alison x

Author's Reply:
I am very glad the three of you like the haiku, and find interesting the prose section of this haibun

thank you very much 🙂
Nic xx

Ionicus on 19-02-2014
I have never attempted a haibun and probably never will, Nicoletta. It seem to require the special skill of perfectly combining prose and poetry, the latter in haiku form. An art which you appear to have mastered.

Luigi xxx

Author's Reply:
Thanks Luigi I needed your uplifting comment
Nic xxx

barenib on 19-02-2014
I'm really interested to read this and pleased that you've given us a bit of something different to ponder and enjoy - John.

Author's Reply:
Hi John thanks for reading and commenting, glad you're really pleased and interested