UKArchive ID: 32335Self-addressing as it should be by ifyouplease
Originally published on February 21, 2014 in Prosetry


It was a small flat, little girl –
All visitors have been right,
And it has taken you years
To admit that the veranda
Wasn’t half as large as
You thought.

So why are you surprised
By the fact you’re claustrophobic?
Why else weren’t you willing,
The last time you visited this place,
Emptied and sold, to enter
The bathroom?

Instead, you sat on the kitchen floor
With an idea for a poem,
Which would extol those years,
Bricking Eternity up, along
With that gray-red-gray rug
Mother had put under
The skinny fake Christmas tree,
Another thing visitors
Were right about; however,
Quite fortunately, nothing else
They’ve said, seems to be anything
But poor adults' defenses to
The puzzling effect your
Right-wrong-right arguments had
On your juvenile conversations
With them.

Wake up! It's 2014, look around you --
Life for a woman starts at forty
Your mother-in-law says.
Isn't it time you accept a thing or two,
Maybe even more, those adults say to you?
I know the answer Odysso,
Any city is Troy and Ithaca,
Life is the ageless salty wave in between,
Jolting the raft-coffin-raft ego,
All land is imaginary,
And all bricks.

© ifyouplease (ifyouplease on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 32335
Archived comments for Self-addressing as it should be
Slovitt on 21-02-2014
Self-addressing as it should be
remember the heart of the first three stanzas in this one. lots of good work afterward. i wish i could see the poem printed out as i try to comment, guess i'll go to my printer. it seems to me that your world, the one you've been creating for years, is parallel, and thus never to be joined with the typically understood flow of the world. a rich, semi-private place. imaginary is a word that flits interestingly about, seems to me as important as interpreted in your interaction with the world. good poem.

Author's Reply:
flits? you really mean flit. nice monosyllable word just found it. don't print think of the forests.
thanks and yes the world is full of parallel situations conditions parameters rules and that's why Bruce Lee said what he said.

Leila on 22-02-2014
Self-addressing as it should be
We spend a lot of time trying to make sense of the past... and you have written a very good poem...L

Author's Reply:
Thanks Leila
Nic who agrees with you

chant_z on 24-02-2014
Self-addressing as it should be
This is straight from the hip and it really hits. Very good piece! It's 2014 indeed! Time can be elusive unless you're there...

Author's Reply:
there are so many theories about time, the 4th dimension penetrating ours in a way, currently reading a book about Time and wormholes. so in a way poetry seems to be able to create a wormhole connect different timelines of a poet's life.

e-griff on 27-02-2014
Self-addressing as it should be
I love it. Proper poetry to the core. All the good things a poem can be. Refreshing to read such quality, and meaning.

Author's Reply:
very happy that you love it
Odysso the eccentric weaver of eccentric baskets

Nomenklatura on 27-02-2014
Self-addressing as it should be
Come on! Nib this!

Author's Reply:
thanks for saying such a thing