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Originally published on June 13, 2014 in Poetry


A different way the master asked
“No” was the first word he uttered,
So I had to question him, politely,
A second no, and then a third, were his replies.
I said nothing, I stopped talking
And moved on.

A different way lurks on my path
And as the demand on no grows bigger,
So does the length of
My moving on.

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UKArchive ID: 33063
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stormwolf on 14-06-2014
Hypotenuse path
Incredibly deep Nic. I took it that you were still striving but the path was your own and going the longer way about things because the path is your own but I may be wrong. 😉

Alison x

Author's Reply:
it's more about the path behind the path, or the path within the path. usually we know "our path" good or bad or mundane or extraordinary. there is another path without a master a path of NO

Nomenklatura on 15-08-2014
Hypotenuse path
I just liked the way on and no kept appearing near each other.

Better to take the long way round, every time.
I enjoyed this one.


Author's Reply:
thanks Ewan 🙂

Pilgermann on 17-10-2014
Hypotenuse path
The path is moved and we follow moving on.
Strong poem.

Author's Reply:

Rosco on 30-05-2015
Hypotenuse path
Negation, denial, and relinguishing occupy a much more central position in your modus operandi than the opposite notions of affirmation, acceptance and integration. Perhaps that's the whole point in suffering and growth.

Author's Reply:
yes, the great No, this particular poem by Cavafis has echoed in my entire being and read it early enough to help me shape what i was destined to write.

Che Fece ... Il Gran Refiuto

For some people the day comes
when they have to declare the great Yes
or the great No. It’s clear at once who has the Yes
ready within him; and saying it,

he goes from honor to honor, strong in his conviction.
He who refuses does not repent. Asked again,
he’d still say no. Yet that no—the right no—
drags him down all his life.

by Cavafis.