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Originally published on June 1, 2015 in Poetry    

without italics this time. less surreal part of very surreal parts.

Out in the dark valley of the night
pitch black moments glue to each other,
a constant subtle tremor's energy anticipates
the twisted habit of the missing sun
to change the spectrum of the things
the days have done.

Who now thinks therefore I am?
Refreshing with his conscious cogitation
my being all the time while I'm asleep?
One of his dummies takes my place,
am I replaced, or are there many I's
scattered in dependent timelines?

And more importantly when did we extrapolate
the sun's return as scheduled,
hadn't we witnessed his insane departure
every dusk, all he ever leaves behind
is a bipolar room for doubt.

We dream the past when we're awake,
and sleep throughout the now.
It is as if the sun was what Shakespeare
may have had in mind, "to be or not to be"
was the bottom-line.

Although Spiritus ubi vult spirat,
a poet knows that here it's always dark,
a poet listens to the ventriloquist's heartbeat,
reversed replayed reechoed in slow motion,
a pattern torn by chosen ones
who don't come back to shatter any myth
or spoil the dummies' dream
and cut the prince's tongue and arm.

Such is the only deal for a real life,
kidnapping your fake self in Now's broad daylight,
one dummy less, missing from the drama
and never looking back.

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UKArchive ID: 34928
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deadpoet on 02-06-2015
The chosen dummies
This strikes me as slightly escapist- but surreal is never to be analysed fully- it's always described with tangible words and , in a paintig with often, recognizable objects. Distorted realism . I like this analogy with the dummie. As a surreal poem it is very good.

Author's Reply:
i reposted it because i think it deserves to stand alone too, without being part of the other parts that who knows how they are going to develop (it's now part of The Thud which can be found here, the dummies the ventriloquist etc are also the main characters of The Thud - The wise dummies and a dervish is the key found in In Return)

this one is less surreal and more direct than the others, more philosophical in a sci fi manner which will become obvious in the future.

thanks for reading it and commenting and rating, of course anything surreal cannot be analysed fully not even by the writer. i agree.


stormwolf on 02-06-2015
The chosen dummies
Hi Nic,
I loved this one first time round and love it even more now. It takes many readings to decipher the meaning...and I dare say I still have some to go but so many fantastic lines here i think it is one of your very best.
The first stanza is full of deep, dark observation. The voice is one of awareness and warning.
It is IMHO so good it could stand alone easily.

The second goes on to philosophise about life and the meaning of being alive and our place in it.

Third stanza demonstrates a very deep thinker. Someone who will never be content to say that things are..because others say that they are...I so relate!

4th stanza starts off with these incredible lines

'We dream the past when we're awake,
and sleep throughout the now. '

Bloody brilliant! 😉

Although Spiritus ubi vult spirat,
a poet knows that here it's always dark,

again...words fail me as it speaks to a part of me that its so often best kept hidden. I am not too sure about the remaining lines in this stanza
Who exactly is the ventriloquist?

The last stanza is classic

Such is the only deal for a real life,
kidnapping your fake self in Now's broad daylight,
one dummy less, missing from the drama
and never looking back.

While maybe not even understanding exactly what the real meaning is..the feeling that came across to me was very moving and really spoke to me.
I think if reading's something I so look forward to..being one dummy less.
While doing this appraisal I see you have been nibbed. I could not be happier. An incredible work of art.

Alison xxx

Author's Reply:
who is NOT the ventriloquist? that is the question
can you imagine Hamlet holding Yorick's skull and saying To be or not to be or Alas Poor Hamlet as a ventriloquist? (the theater attracts me more and more. in a pleasantly spooky way.)

the sun, imagine someone holding a rock the only remnant of Earth, To shine or not to shine? Alas Poor Earth and then Alas Poor Sun.

the self that has lost the real Ego, a self with a fake Ego, we keep looking at empty holes where the eyes used to be, full of life holding the deadest thing wondering night and day, dreaming the past when we're awake and sleeping throughout the now.

i say find your real ego and throw away this dead-fake-Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas-pathetic skull, don't be afraid to give yourself an ego that's real and full of life. be the Creator. there is no other way to Love the Divine but to shine as One! and there is no way to find the real Ego if you don't wish to find Truth especially about


so, without truth about ourselves we ended up with a fake ego, the connection between our self and this ego can only be parasitical, we keep saying and repeating the same lines perpetuating the Lie, ending up fake a dummy maybe in many timelines maybe not,

what about Now then?

now, now is in all timelines. it's the unification of timelines.

Mikeverdi on 04-06-2015
The chosen dummies
Pleased I arrived to read both this wonderful piece...and the comments. I think without them and your answers I may not have gleaned the full import. Storm said it all ...just brilliant, and well worth the Nib. Please accept my Nom to go with it.

Author's Reply:
Mike thank you very much, got more attention than i expected with None and The chosen dummies, very positive, it makes me want to hide for a while, i forgot how it is.


(special thanks for the nomination(=

Supratik on 07-06-2015
The chosen dummies
I could connect instantly with the poem. I wouldn't like to get into defining ego, fake or otherwise, but the poem has a very deep meaning for me, I have read and re-read. Well done Nic!

Author's Reply:
thanks Supratik, i would like to know what you believe about the ego, and I hope that you are keeping an open mind about the most vilified factor of human existence.

Supratik on 08-06-2015
The chosen dummies
Nic! Frankly speaking I am scared to open up before an intellectual like you. Excuse me my ignorance, but I perceive ego as an image that you have or would like to have of yourself to others. The fact that I am Supratik, Indian, Bengali, can somewhat write poems...these are all parts of ego. Insofar as the real Self is concerned, these are far from true. In a nutshell, a false image of the self is ego...but I am willing to be corrected Nic!

Please keep posting such brilliant thought-provoking poems!

Yes! I agree!

Author's Reply:
don't be scared, i'm not the intellectual university type, not infiltrated i.e. i will update this reply later, i'm cooking now!

well back for a proper reply.

do you know what is hated most by those who think they are the ventriloquists and we are the dummies?


but they don't really get it how it goes regarding ventriloquists inherent in human conscience. so let's say that we yes we have our own ventriloquist, and this one speaks the truth, it's our Ego.

they vilified our ego so that we never get in touch with our inner ventriloquist.