UKArchive ID: 34934The exorbitance of parenthood by ifyouplease
Originally published on June 1, 2015 in Poetry

"No divine guardian shall draw lots for you, but you shall choose your own guardian and destiny." -- Plato (edited repost)

If I were to tell you dear soul
That your parents
Will help you find
The end of the rainbow
Would you believe me?
Or would you rather
Have me tell you
Another time?
It certainly would be
Better for me.
I'm still working
On how to get over it.

But if you are
In a big hurry,
To see for yourself
There is no such thing,
Allow me to give you
My only advice,
No karmic child
Should wait for me.
However, from what I see,
Parents are all too often
Oedipal creeps,
And one should think
Twice before
Choosing the next
Available unprotected sex,
As he would already be
Running out of luck.

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UKArchive ID: 34934
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deadpoet on 02-06-2015
The exorbitance of parenthood
I saw a video of a full circle rainbow over Niagara falls- it was amazing!

(Parents shouldn't choose for you- and you make most of the same mistakes as they did. Until you become a grandparent!)

Essentially no-one is to choose for anybody. And people shouldn't be judged for their choices or non-choices.

I think the last part of this poem is funny. It made me giggle.

Author's Reply:
A friend of mine finds poodles suspicious i happen to find rainbows! She was suspicious of a poodle image i used in the poem Truth and i found it odd. I still find it odd.

a rainbow is like a promise that won't be kept, a bona fide stride into the unknown doomed future of humanity (in To Crossed Fingers you can find how i mean "bona fide")

thank you very much for reading and commenting, it made me feel much better!


Supratik on 23-10-2015
The exorbitance of parenthood
An excellent poem. I don't know if you'd agree, but the poem has an oriental smell. Hey, but that's the reason I got bewitched... I like the poem and think it should find its place in serious reading. Best. Supratik

Author's Reply:
i just saw this comment, thanks of course you may think it has oriental smell, but actually it is based on Plato. Plato and the myth of Hr (Ir, Μύθος του Ηρός), it says that we select our next reincarnation. for example Odysseus selected the simple life of an insignificant man.

Rosco on 24-06-2016
The exorbitance of parenthood
The last sentence is brutal and hilarious. Praise be to Greece!

Author's Reply: