UKArchive ID: 35845Script no more by ifyouplease
Originally published on November 23, 2015 in Poetry

surreal - to C.D.

To ask or not to ask
"To live or not to live",
To open or not to open
your heart,
To pen or not to pen
your thoughts,
To watch or not to watch
the end of everything
To touch or not to touch
a corpse
To lift or not to lift
Fate's bridal veil

She waits for my straight words,
and answer her
androgynous prayers,
masculine promises and
feminine vows
to echo in the vast casket
called universe.

Both facing each other,
not the Truth

Part of an evil 2:1 ceremony
far from reality,

knowing it is a godlike right
a Creator to seal such newlyweds
inside of a reincarnating

What should we be doing from
now on,
and what we should not

To ask, live, open,
and pen at least and maybe


I had to fight to not fight,
I had to lose to not lose
dear Fate long before
you and I were scripted.

I guess you shouldn't be looking forward
to us getting married again
in order to breed more destiny.

© ifyouplease (ifyouplease on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35845
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Gothicman on 24-11-2015
Script no more
Good to see you're in full flight, IYP, in spite of all the stresses and challenges, feels good you're in a mood of consequence, still wanting to express how you feel.
A special type of poetry. Another intriguing read.

Author's Reply:
i just tried to write a poem after months a poem that has my thoughts and my style but it has to be edited, this is just a draft work in progress etc, but it felt great to write a brand new poem again.
feel free to offer advanced critique!

thanks Goth