UKArchive ID: 36547The Grim Road by ifyouplease
Originally published on May 23, 2016 in Poetry


They’ve been traveling this road
Telling people they must be loved,
When they saw him coming –thought
After thought, tall getting taller—and
They asked him: Where are you going?
What kind of men and women
Have you so far encountered and
Would you kindly love us?
It seemed to them at this time
On this road that he was somebody
Unusually important. He inspected them
In turn and leaning in said:
"You are the only children on this journey
Of course I will ... —one day.
Wait for me over there, see that cypress hill?"
They said yes, and asked: Are you Death
Perhaps, or a wizard who can free?
Lowering his eyes he replied, "I could be both
But I am just me. Are you the eternal
Orphan lovers, Adam and Eve?"
No, the girl replied, this is my brother,
His name is Hansel and I am Gretel,
Did you not know this? Could you not feel it
In the colours of our dream?

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UKArchive ID: 36547
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stormwolf on 24-05-2016
The Grim Road
Hi Nic,
I feel I cannot interpret this poem in full but it has a very allegorical feel to it. So many now are expressing the collective unconscious in their writings and poems. It left me, as so many of your poems do , with a feeling of disquiet.
There is (to me) desperation in it and also desperate futile hope...
I cannot imagine what life is like in Greece now.
Alison xx

Author's Reply:
life on the planet is unbearably ridiculous and life in Greece is ridiculously unbearable or vice versa.

Dum spiro spero
thanks Alison


pdemitchell on 24-05-2016
The Grim Road
Hi Nic - I loves a bit of surreal, I does. I am not sure if Cypress Hill is the hip-hop group or the town but I can sure taste gingerbread when I sleep lulled to slumber by the squeaking of the witches in the microwave.... Mitch

Author's Reply:
i don't know about other cultures but in Greek culture cypress is inextricably connected with cemeteries i think i should edit this particular line finally. thank you Mitch


Mikeverdi on 25-05-2016
The Grim Road
This is surreal for me, I don't always need to understand everything to appreciate the writing...and I like this. I'm sorry that Greece finds itself in a bad place with its economy. I have so many happy memories of my times there. We can only hope for better days. If I had the money I would be back in a flash, lets hope the tourists return.

Author's Reply:
a month ago a person a friend of mine knows quit a bit that knows someone who wishes to remain anonymous obviously said that we will exit the eurozone by mid summer and the new currency will be called Phoenix. that same anonymous person warned a year ago that there would soon be capital control and it happened. so let's see.

thanks Mike!

Rosco on 24-06-2016
The Grim Road
Love the jarring effect of combining disparate mythologies done with such wit and modesty. I hope you never lose touch with the 15-year-old savant who controls your personal Delphi. Glad to see you writing in top form.

Author's Reply:
this is an old poem, once upon a time Bektron edited it. personal Delphi. hmm, we have a personal Troy, a personal Ithaca, a personal Sparta, a personal Golgotha - who controls all these places simultaneously?