UKArchive ID: 36641Such a Lucky Man by mitch
Originally published on June 20, 2016 in Song Lyrics

A song written about the price of fame - and of stars who break down under the pressure.

They see him walking down the street
They think the world lies at his feet
But if they could only know the truth
They’d never say another word -
They’d simply walk on by
Then shake their heads and sigh…

And taking out their mobile phones
They’re texting people that they barely know
Here he is: the lucky man
And he’s out here all alone
Walking all alone
Walking all alone… ah -

All we’ve read must be untrue
I’ve never seen a man look so sad and blue
It’s as though the world is on his shoulders
Until we feel his melancholy too –
And so we walk on by
Can’t bear to see a grown man cry…

Yet we take out our mobile phones
Send his picture to people we hardly know
Here he is: the lucky man
And he’s out here all alone
Walking all alone… ah -

See his new-frowned friends surround him
Like bees they swarm around him
Till the weight of all their expectations
Slowly brings him to his knees
To his knees, to his knees… ah -

He brings his hands up to his head
I’m in my private place, he said
A place where I’ve no need of face or name
A place where I’ve no need of all this fame
So, please, won’t you walk on by
Let me gaze up at an open sky

Put away those damn mobile phones
Walk around to people you really know
Knock the door and when they answer
Say hello – a face-to-face hello
An honest to goodness to graceful to gracious hello
An honest to goodness to graceful to grateful hello… ah -

So we say goodbye to our lucky man
As someone takes him by the hand
They’re leading him to a waiting van
To take away our lucky man
Such a lucky man.

(c) 2016 - all music, voices,
instruments and lyrics
by Paul D.E. Mitchell
copyright PRS protected

© mitch (pdemitchell on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36641
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sweetwater on 22-06-2016
Such a Lucky Man
Don't know why it seems to go so wrong for some of those who have found the fame they once craved, perhaps they have rejected their ' neighbours' in favour of those who pay the most money, then find there is no way back. Very insightful words. Sue.

Author's Reply:
Sue - hi, it is true from Joplin to Amy Winehouse - the pressure can tear apart a fragile soul. Glad you liked the words - a pure poem would be deeper but you have to allow for singing cadences and simplfy the tongue-twisters. Mitch