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Originally published on June 8, 2015 in Poetry

As far as I can tell I never actually posted this when I first wrote it. It describes the horrors and joys of bi-polar disorder. Notes:- 1&2 Stout Cortez -`On First Looking into Chapman's |Homer' - John Keats 3 Green flash – In the tropics the sun sinks at right angles to the horizon and so takes very little time to pass through the twilight zone. As it does so the atmosphere refracts the rays of the sun's light changing its colour from white to red to orange to green to blue to violet all the colours of a normal temperate sunset, when viewing a sunset at sea with a clear horizon the last refracted rays to be clearly seen against the blue background of the sky are green but the change is so quick that it appears that a flash of green light has shone out over the horizon.The setting sun over tropical seas sends a flash of green light as its last rays are refracted by the atmosphere.

In me are all the roads and paths and ways
Where men walk through the trauma of their days.
I know the deep, dark caves and sunlit peaks
Where pain-filled groans contend with joyous shrieks;
I know that tunnel where no hope shines a light,
Where walls and roofs grow narrower and tight,
And the train behind prevents you turning back,
And the darkness up ahead has blocked the track;
I know the dreadful logic of the pain
That argues that the children should be slain;
And I have yearned to enter endless night
Where no dawn brings the moving, doing light.

Yet - I have sat upon a hill in Greece,
Seen rising suns through rosy fingered fleece
And felt my soul conjoined with ancient bards;
And stood upon that peak in Darien (2)
And watched above the clouds, the glowing sun
Set upon the last land of the West,
Still bright with light though darkness bathes the rest,
Then sink beyond the Peaceful Ocean's rim
To light far lands beyond that long salt swim,
And fire a green flash from parting day3
As Time from World to World marks this one way.

© prospero (corin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 34971
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