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Originally published on June 8, 2015 in Poetry    

Vivienne Twaddle was my Psychologist in 2004. She taught me a lot and we shared our emotional reaction to the 60th Anniversary of this event in 2004.

There are only old men left now
Who remember that day.
With difficulty they walk up the sands
Where young men ran, racing death up the beach.

In the films of memory behind their eyes
Can they still see the dying lying upon the sand?
Sometimes memories are brighter than any photograph.
In their minds their dead comrades must lie there still,
Beside the carcasses of concrete forts
That sixty years have failed to clear away.

That day divided them into young and old:
Those that died will be forever young:
Remembering them now we see them as they were,
With youth in their faces and lives unlived.

This day the old men have brought back to them
The precious gift that they gave up;
With wives and sons and grandsons in their hearts
The old soldiers march among the memories of war.
Their lives fulfilled,
They bring their bright memories of love and life
And lay them down among the ranks of wreathed white crosses

© prospero (corin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 34975
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Mikeverdi on 08-06-2015
D-Day 2015 - for Vivienne
Very moving,I know a few who can never forget; how could you I suppose.

Author's Reply:
Thankyou Mike

gwirionedd on 08-06-2015
D-Day 2015 - for Vivienne
"Racing death up the beach" is a very nice turn of phrase.

I think you should avoid saying "upon". Nobody says "upon".

Author's Reply:
Thankyou Gwirionedd,
Maybe โ€˜uponโ€™ is a bit archaic but it seemed better for the meter.



Pronto on 09-06-2015
D-Day 2015 - for Vivienne
Very well written and evocative even for those of us who only took part in very minor, quickly won wars.
We have much to bless those old men for.
Oh yeah, and on this occasion I think it's perfectly all right to use "UPON" I use it all the time; upon my soul I do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Author's Reply:
Thank you Pronto.