UKArchive ID: 35759Through the Chilli Studio Window Sadly by prospero
Originally published on November 9, 2015 in Poetry

A piece for the Multi-Media play I am helping to write for Chilli Studios ( see - )

Grey sky and grey mind
Obscure the wide world.
Cars and buses, lorries and vans
Come and go.
People walk calmly along
As if they have somewhere
Important to go
And intend to get there.

Railway lines lie beyond
The road and the old stone wall.
A Virgin Train
From Edinburgh
Heads towards Newcastle,
Then probably London.

The banks of the railway cutting look like a nature reserve:-
May, Ash and silver birch;
Seeding rosebay willow herb
Hide a fecund fauna
Of mice, moles,voles and foxes;
Ants, moths and whirligig beetles;
Worms, slugs and snails,
Magpies, crows and pigeons;
All unaware that they are
In an illegal wildlife sanctuary.

They live a quiet unobserved life
Behind the giant advertising billboards
Facing the passing traffic
And in front of the incongruous
Painted graffiti facing the train passengers
Passing in or out of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The everyday world
Is busy and unconcerned about the passing of time
But once this place was a glacial plain
And before that the floor of a shallow sea.
Soon it will al be flooded again
Or perhaps part of a global desert.
Possibly future palaeontologists
Will unearth a thick layer
Of strange limbed creatures
With enormous skulls,
Quietly accepting their
Self inflicted Destiny.

© prospero (corin on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35759
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sweetwater on 12-11-2015
Through the Chilli Studio Window Sadly
Thats weired, I thought this was a new one so went to read and realised it was one I did actually comment on because I enjoyed it so much, earlier in the week now wondering what became of the comment? Sue.

Author's Reply:
These disappearing comments are appreciated so much more than the more obdurate ones:-)