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aint nothing special with tanx to rhymezone

Reading books,reading fables
writing off,writing symbols
dirty dogs,dirty scoundrels
smoking cigars at the card table
a little sun, a little drizzle
aint nothing special

Walk the plank,walk down the aisle
change your name, walk the next mile
married couples, all on trial
a million judges, on speed dial
the chosen few, names double barrelled
aint nothing special

just another groundhog day
could be December,could be May

Turn around,turn the handle
feed the mind,feed the mongrel
two steps back,jump the hurdle
smell the rose,smell the thistle
stand your ground at the duel
aint nothing special

Fortune tellers beg ,they kiss and tell
preacherman mumbles, about heaven and hell
beauty and beast,cast their spell
last man standing, tolls the bell
friends and neighbours, blow the whistle
aint nothing special

Tainted love,tainted miracle
feeling holy,feeling shameful
showing face,showing muscle
feeling sick,feeling humble
all it takes, is a cuddle
aint nothing special

Looking peaceful, finding trouble
getting kicks,being a rebel
blame yourself,just quarrel
watery eyes,dilated pupils
wipe them dry,just be social
aint nothing special

just another groundhog day
could be December,could be May

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26229
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stormwolf on 04-04-2011
aint nothing special
Well done Roy!
Can't say this ain't nothing special! 😉
I really got the feeling of jaded cynicism and great imagery
Alison x

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Ionicus on 06-04-2011
aint nothing special
A good, rhythmical song with such a variety of images which, contrary to what the lyrics say, make it really special. Even I, a musical ignoramus, could feel its beat and found myself tapping my feet. Excellent work, thanks for the read.
I haven't tried rhymezone, I shall explore.

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