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Originally published on April 8, 2011 in Song Lyrics

what did I do what did I miss with tanx to Robert Burns

With a wink they told me to fight for my land
pull the trigger is all you need to understand
you were born in the land of Pilate
just kill their Jesus before it's to late
we will wash your tongue give you a memory
write down our truth your in history

My thoughts,words and deeds are somebodies treason
my dreams are given to me without reason
who will inspire me now Dylans dying or dead
guess I'll turn to Jesus to fill my head
ask him about life and play snakes and ladders
give him chocolates yellow,pink flowers

Taking their drugs living at their beck and call
standing with my sword held high,I'll make them fall
they wont get to you,I'll lay down my life
you're somebodies daughter,this somebodies wife
I keep driving through streets that are dead
with children playing with thoughts in their head

Is it me,did I read the bible right
I keep looking to the skies day and night
all I see is stars and the clouds moving
big black holes, don't think he's coming
maybe tomorrow I'll read another lie
another reason to believe,another reason to cry

The silence is my only refuge when I'm hurting
spoken words are silent in the fire burning
take me back to when I was a child
to a time long before I was on trial
well I can't give you what you want
you just shout it out growl and chant

You don't like what I say but who are you that I should lie
after seven disasters with a broken nose and black eye
my ship is sinking waiting for the captain to deliver
you and me into another realm out of this fever
with fresh water pearls gold,frankincense and myrrh
a million fish in the land before time and war

I just chase my pain and sadness
leaving the billions in their darkness
for my Scottish pride I've watched them die
living for no reason,living the lie
they talk about revolution and change
scold the prophets watch TV dream of fame

Did I walk,talk in this land did I
kept looking for truth is it all a big lie
I can't die in a world like this
what did I do what did I miss
I can only wonder about tomorrow
in this time that's borrowed

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26251
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