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Originally published on April 15, 2011 in Song Lyrics


Watch out for the rat catcher
the bible bearer
the high jacker
the temperance swearer
the dramatic tenor
the two timing waster
the wooden toothed lawyer

The rat catcher
was a wealthy man
made his fortune from fear
wished he'd thought up the Wall steet scam
marrying for the third time,he didn't give a damn

The bible bearer
forgave him,blamed an ugly demon
sent him one tenth of his congregation
he had to because his bible didn't say
he'd paid enough to get to heaven

The high jacker
worked for the telephone company
made the most of the situation
tapping lines and his fingers
breaking national securiy

The temperance swearer
drank peppermint tea and bromine
swore about Jesus and paradise
scolded the bible bearer for drinking
blood and communion wine

The dramatic tenor
sang about them all
took pills and potions
gargled on bloody Mary cocktails
read the writing on the wall

The two timing waster
complained about the frosty weather
reason and time was what he killed
he was a disciple of the temperance swearers
old father time on the hill

The wooden toothed lawyer
picked his teeth with ivory pins
it was his job to sort them out
so he wrote a new law
that filled their minds with doubt

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UKArchive ID: 26263
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