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Originally published on June 20, 2011 in Song Lyrics


Down in the east
them imperialists
made him their protectorate
deciding his future
sealing his fate

Working on the farm
a child full of awe
helping mother and father
doing what they done
dishing out the straw

One day he had a vision
that the world will soon be one family
he just had to forgive them
and love his enemy
as he cried out
'why did you pick me'

So he went to the buddhist,christian and jew
agnostic and atheist
told them what he knew
in a world full of tragedy
standing in their pews

Some of them liked him
some of them wanted him dead
as they counted their possesions
they'd come to realize
his vision was now widespread

So the imperialists covered his eyes
beat him about the head
begged him to denounce
made him vomit blood
left him for dead

So to build a family
he took the slow train north bound
talking to communists about
love and revolution
opening hearts
in every military town

So the communists sent him to hell
a place where everyone died
he just took it on the chin
and forgave them
as he opened up their eyes

He was forced back home
along with his dignity
he fell to his knees
after shedding all his tears
and prayed
why me

So he wrote down the truth
in the land of the free
started to build the one world family
shook up the world
walked the path of controversy

Now presidents and prime ministers
follow his light
a glimpse of hope
in this living hell
as he passes through this time
as a thief in the night

© royrodel (royrodel on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 26414
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